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Robin Young
| 30 min. read
Great Lakes real estate market trends: Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Madison & Grand Rapids
In 2019, the Buildium team is exploring the impact that major real estate trends are having on regions, states, and cities across the United States. This post will dig into the Great Lakes region-how the region compares to...
Robin Young
| 30 min. read
50 up-and-coming cities attracting residents & investors in 2019
In the throes of the Great Recession and the subsequent recovery, large metropolises like New York City and San Francisco saw an influx of new residents. Mega-cities with strong economies were the first to rebound from the downturn,...
Robin Young
| 13 min. read
Why rent growth is stagnating in New York City, San Francisco & Boston—and how to survive
Sometimes, it can feel as though the world of real estate revolves around primary markets like New York and San Francisco. However, in 2018, you can expect to see under-the-radar cities like Raleigh, Austin, and Charlotte overtake America’s most...
Robin Young
| 30 min. read
2018: The year of the secondary market? 24 under-the-radar cities that investors are eyeing
Wondering which real estate markets investors are watching in 2019? Read our latest post: 50 Up-and-Coming Cities Attracting Residents & Investors in 2019 Within the real estate sector, there’s a lot of talk about primary markets and secondary markets....
Amanda Maher
| 5 min. read
Could “granny units” be a solution to California’s housing crisis? Some hope so.
The tiny house movement is nothing new. In fact, if you look back over the centuries, you’ll find that homes almost always tended to be smaller than we’re accustomed to today. Now that home prices have escalated, it...
Amanda Maher
| 5 min. read
San Jose landlords set to cash in if Google’s 8MM ft.² mega-campus becomes reality
Rental property owners are frothing at the mouth over Google’s recent announcement that it plans to build a “mega-campus” in San Jose, California. The Google campus in San Jose could be as large as 8 million square feet—nearly...
Amanda Maher
| 5 min. read
NYC ends rent freeze after 2 years, but neither landlords nor tenants are pleased
In 2015, property managers and landlords in New York City expressed outrage after the Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) voted to freeze one-year lease increases on more than 1.2 million rent-stabilized apartments. Never in the history of the board...
Amanda Maher
| 5 min. read
Target these markets if you want to invest in single family rental properties
There have been dozens of stories of homebuyers pitted against one another in contentious bidding wars to land the home of their dreams. As if that weren’t challenging enough for most homebuyers, they’re now facing a new form...
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