Resident Center Resources

Give residents the experience they deserve (and get the tools to make your business stand out) with the Resident Center, powered by Buildium. It’s available 100% online via desktop or our top-rated iOS or Android mobile app.

Resident Center Overview

Online Payments
Cut payment processing time up to 70% with ePay. Residents simply add their bank accounts or credit cards and set up recurring payments.
Give residents the ability to submit work orders, attach photos and videos, get real-time status updates and more—all without having to call or email you.
Send texts and emails to entire properties or associations at once through multiple channels right from your mobile device.
Additional Services
Attract more residents with Renters Insurance, Rent Reporting and other add-on services that make a difference in your residents’ lives.
Getting Started

Customize Your Resident Center

Choose colors for your resident center desktop site and mobile app from the appearance tab on the resident site settings page. You can also upload your logo and it will automatically pull the colors that match your brand.

Mobile App

Share the Resident Center App

Deliver the smoothest digital experience with top-rated mobile apps that put your communication on point with residents and owners. You’ll get on-the-go connectivity that speeds up response times and self-service support to minimize calls and emails.

Share the Resident Center mobile app download links below.

Note: App available worldwide. Canadian residents can make payments through the app if a bank account has already been added, but will not be able to add new bank accounts via the app at this time. New Canadian residents will first need to add new bank accounts from the desktop resident site before making payments through the Resident Center app.


Accept online payments with ePay

Residents can add their bank accounts or credit cards in a snap. And with recurring payments, they’ll never miss a payment. Funds are automatically transferred to your bank account—no manual deposits necessary.

Renters Insurance

Offer Renters Insurance

Protect your properties and help your residents keep their keepsakes safe with a policy trusted by over 300,000 renters nationwide. There’s no extra work on your end—all you have to do is encourage your residents to sign up through the Resident Center.

Rent Reporting

Enable Rent Reporting

Help residents build their credit (and attract ones who want to start). By automatically reporting monthly rent payments to all three of the major credit bureaus, Rent Reporting, powered by Buildium gives your residents the credit they deserve and one more reason to pay you on time.

Templates & Resources

Let your residents know

Use our communication templates and resources to tell your residents about the Resident Center and the services it has to offer.

Property management templates

Email Templates

  • Automated Emails

    Leverage the automated emails in Buildium to invite new and additional residents to use the Resident Center. The email will provide residents with a temporary password and a link to the Resident Center. Simply navigate to the “Not invited” tab and select the residents you’d like to invite then click “Send welcome email.”

Rental Marketing Resources

Association Marketing Resources

Video Resources