Resident Center

The resident experience is now available on desktop or the Resident Center mobile app! Deliver the experience your residents deserve, and stand out from the crowd with Resident Center, powered by Buildium. Get valuable time back by streamlining your day-to-day correspondence with residents and guarantee rent collection by letting them pay rent right from their phone or desktop.

We’ve provided some tools to help you navigate the new experience and let your residents and association owners know about all it has to offer.

Check out what’s included:

• An easy-to-use website and mobile app with a professional look and feel.

• Tools to perfectly reflect your professional brand.

• Payment peace-of-mind. Collect payments on time by allowing residents to set up recurring credit card or EFT payments.

• An intuitive, all-in-one place for residents to submit and track maintenance requests.

As part of our commitment to helping you provide excellent experiences for your residents, we created a brand-new mobile app that allows them to manage their resident experience on the go. Resident Center, powered by Buildium, is designed with simplicity in mind. Residents can make payments, submit maintenance requests, contact their property manager, and more—with just a few taps.

The Resident Center mobile app is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play.



Note: App available worldwide. Canadian residents can make payments through the app if a bank account has already been added, but will not be able to add new bank accounts via the app at this time. New Canadian residents will first need to add new bank accounts from the desktop resident site before making payments through the Resident Center app.

From the appearance tab on the resident site settings page, you can easily choose colors for your resident center desktop site and mobile app that match your brand. Simply select your logo, or upload a new one, and it will automatically pull the colors from your logo to select the colors that best match your brand.

From the settings page you can also choose what tools and information your residents will have access to like payments and documents.

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Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance, powered by MSI, is now available for residents to purchase directly within the resident center, both through the mobile app and desktop site. Protect your properties, and your residents, with a policy trusted by over 300,000 renters nationwide. And there’s no extra work on your end—all you have to do is encourage your residents to sign up!

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Let your residents know!

We’ve created some materials to help you tell your residents about the new resident center.

Customizable flyer: Just download the PDF, add your logo to the top left, and update your contact information at the bottom.

Rental: Download Resident Center PDF

HOA: Download HOA Resident Center PDF


Promotional videos: Show your residents all the great things the Resident Center has to offer with these quick, fun videos.

Mobile App promotional Video

Desktop site promotional videos

Resident desktop site guide: Send your residents a step by step guide that shows them how to access and navigate the resident site.

Rental: Download resident site guide PDF

HOA: Download HOA resident site guide PDF

Email your residents:

Email template: Sample email copy to let your residents know about the new Resident Center app. We recommend using this as a starting point and customizing for your needs.

Download email template

Automated emails: Leverage the automated emails in Buildium to invite new and additional residents to use the resident center and desktop site. The email will provide residents with a temporary password and a link to your resident site.

Invite your residents

“I really like the resident site…huge, huge difference. I am overly excited, it is just so easy to navigate, no question about where to submit work orders or how to make a payment.”

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