Build Your Future
with Buildium


What we do matters.

Working at Buildium is pretty awesome. We play foosball and ping pong. We wear jeans. We even have a beer fridge! Everyone here has a real voice, and we’ll be helping and cheering you along as you achieve your career goals. This is a smart, fun, driven team.

But there is also real purpose in what we do. When people grow their business. When people trust us with their future. When people turn a rental into a home. We’re the ones who help make that possible. Sound cool? You should join us and be part of it.

The best vacation policy ever. 

Take-what-you-need. That’s right. If it’s good by the biz, it’s yours for the booking. Just be sure to send us pictures of your latest adventure in a Buildium tee.

Quality people = Quality workplace.

We want people at Buildium to grow both personally and professionally. So we hand-pick smart, caring, conscientious people… and then we trust them to do their jobs. Micromanagement is a four-letter-word in these parts.

Service matters. So does fun.

Whether it’s biking in the MS Ride, working at the food bank, or laying floors in a new home, Buildians rock service events like no others.

Come work with us!


Benefit Highlights

We’ve got the benefits you’re used to and some you aren’t. How many other places will set you up with a laptop and sweet HD secondary monitor as standard fare? Hook you up with whole array of discounts and perks? Cater lunch every Thursday? Feed you copious amounts of celebratory cake? Give a percentage of revenue (not profit, revenue) to employee-nominated charities? Not many. But we’re one of them. Join us!