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*Any prospective customer granted a referral credit from an existing customer must sign up within 90 days of the date of referral. The Company has no obligation to provide this credit in the future and the referral is deemed null and void outside of this 90-day period. Existing Buildium customers purchasing a new subscription are ineligible for credit. The prospective customer must be a Buildium customer for 30 days before either party is eligible for credit. A Customer Referral credit will equal the monthly platform fee (not to exceed $400.00). All referral credits are only applied to Buildium accounts; if a Buildium customer is on an Annual Plan and earns a referral credit, a discount credit will be applied upon renewal of Buildium’s service. Cash or other types of credit rewards are not provided. All referrers and prospective customers are only eligible to receive a referral credit if the referral form was successfully filled out and completed. Buildium is not obligated to pay out credits if the referral form was not successfully and fully completed. Any prospective customer must sign up for Buildium using the email address they were referred with in order to be eligible to receive a referral credit.