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Property Management Insurance Solutions

Two flexible, integrated property management insurance solutions through Buildium make it simple to be sure your portfolio and your business are protected against resident-caused damages—no matter which option you choose or who foots the bill.

Buildium Renters Insurance

For residents who want to cover their personal belongings themselves, think Buildium Renters Insurance.

Our partnership with MSI means all of your residents are pre-approved and can sign up in minutes through the Resident Center. You’ll be covered for any included damages they may cause while taking policy management off your plate.

With Buildium Renters Insurance you get:

  • Protection for residents’ belongings
  • Resident-caused damages coverage
  • Easy monitoring and coverage tracking

Buildium Property Insurance

For residents who don’t have renters insurance, Buildium Property Insurance* gets you up to $100,000 in liability coverage—plus there’s no deductible for resident-caused property damages. You’ll be able to automate the coverage process, track your active policies, and generate income by deciding who covers the cost. 

With Buildum Property Insurance you get:

  • Resident-caused damages coverage—with zero deductible
  • Easy monitoring and coverage tracking 
  • Options for additional revenue streams**

What’s the difference?

Property insurance and Renters insurance can work together to ensure your properties are protected and your residents get the coverage they need. There are some key differences that are important to know about. In this video, you can learn about the different types of insurance options for property managers, residents and owners, and how they work for your business to provide maximum coverage..