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Geoff Roberts
| 3 min. read
Rent collection is easier and task reports show more detail
On August 24, Buildium released its latest software update. It features a resident site optimized for every mobile device, leading the way in our industry by letting residents electronically pay rent and other fees more conveniently than ever...
Geoff Roberts
| 3 min. read
Manage recurring lease transactions in split-screen view
Buildium is proud to announce a feature enhancement that lets you view and edit recurring lease transactions with fewer clicks. We’ve also introduced the Tasks Performance report, a new feature that displays the details about tasks owned by...
Geoff Roberts
| 5 min. read
Buildium releases new accounting reports, bank reconciliation enhancements
We’re pleased to announce that a slew of accounting enhancements head up today’s updates to Buildium. Thanks to our awesome customers for their feedback, which helps us to develop ever-improving property management software.
Cathy Fontana
| 4 min. read
Indiana: 2013 hottest US rental markets
Despite slow employment growth and a lagging economy throughout 2012, the multifamily market in the state of Indiana continues to thrive. It lands at #8 on the list of the top 10 fastest growing rental markets by state,...
Cathy Fontana
| 3 min. read
Washington: 2013 hottest US rental markets
With its majestic views, oceanfront properties, and location near the Canadian border, it’s no wonder Washington makes the list as the fourth hottest rental market in the US. REALTOR® magazine, the official magazine of the National Association of...
Cathy Fontana
| 3 min. read
Oregon: 2013’s hottest U.S. rental markets
Every year, REALTOR® Magazine produces a list of the hottest rental markets in the U.S. This year, Oregon is in the #3 spot, continuing to attract a large number of existing and new residents to its main resource sectors:...
Cathy Fontana
| 4 min. read
North Dakota: 2013 hottest US rental markets
If you had to guess, which state would you say has the fastest growing multifamily rental market in the US? Would you believe it to be North Dakota? If so, good guess. That’s according to the latest report from REALTOR®...
Geoff Roberts
| 3 min. read
Gen Y, urban living, and property management
According to the results of an Urban Land Institute (ULI) survey, more and more members of the 80-million strong Generation Y (ages 18 to 34) prefer to live in urban areas. As Reuters notes, “This migration already is...

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