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Thad Peterson
| 2 min. read
Introducing: More control over your reports in Buildium
Reporting is essential to your business. Your staff, your property owners, your association boards—they all need to run reports. We’ve always given you a way to download dozens of these property management reports from within Buildium, but now...
Tora Olafsen
| 2 min. read
Introducing: A new way to track leasing agent commissions
We’re making some serious strides to improve the leasing process. When we built our eLease feature, we wanted to streamline the lease creation process, so we gave you the ability to draft leases and collect signatures right from...
Amanda Maher
| 5 min. read
Cities under pressure to increase affordable housing requirements
For some cities, the Great Recession is now far in the rearview mirror. In the nation’s hottest markets, housing is once again approaching all-time highs. By and large, this is good news. But it has also put the...
Justin Kerins
| 2 min. read
Feature update: Introducing the new customizable shortcuts menu
You asked for an easier way to navigate around Buildium, and Buildium delivered: a better shortcuts menu. Now, you can tailor it to your work style so you can access common tasks quickly and easily. Until now, the...
Elise Beck
| 2 min. read
New feature: Streamline the leasing process with eLease
In property management, an efficient leasing process may be the difference between making a lot of money, and not making any at all. Buildium already provides the tools you need to easily advertise vacancies, and collect and manage...
Amanda Maher
| 4 min. read
San Francisco considers banning school-year evictions
In San Francisco’s overheated rental market, many landlords are jumping at the opportunity to increase rents. Some are doing so by evicting tenants in rent-controlled apartments in order to bring those units up to market rate. The unintended...
Arianna Perrotti
| 3 min. read
New feature: Buildium Property Inspections
An essential part of your property management business is making sure that each property in your portfolio is well-maintained and safe. Ideally, you’d place flawless tenants in every unit and never have to worry—but that’s just not how...
The State of the Property Management Industry Report
As the property management industry continues to get more competitive, the best way to drive business growth is by staying on top of the latest trends and adapting your strategy as you go. Download the report to learn...
FL Local Markets Snapshot – hosted by Buildium & Propertyware
Join us on Tuesday, Jun 22 at 2:00 pm EDT Description: A small-group, two-part workshop geared towards property managers in the state of Florida. Part 1: Focuses on Florida rental market data and insights to help property managers...
Laurie Mega
| 7 min. read
7 property management marketing ideas to attract rental property owners
The word straight from Buildium’s 2021 Rental Owners’ Report: Volume 2 is that two in three small-business rental owners surveyed rely on a property manager to run their rental properties. That’s a 9 percent increase from last year....
Robin Young
| 21 min. read
The 3 most common types of renters in single-family rentals & small multifamily properties
COVID-19 has upended the rental market as we knew it. Stay-at-home orders motivated some renters to invest in homes of their own, while others were shut out of the sales market by high prices and low inventory. The...
Jillian Rodriguez
| 9 min. read
Rental property marketing ideas to thrive this leasing season
When leasing season rolls around, your to-do list is so long that tidying up your marketing strategy likely didn’t even make the top ten. When you’re busy prepping for showings and managing applicants, who has time for marketing?...
Laurie Mega
| 8 min. read
Property management post-COVID-19: The top amenity trends for renters in 2021
It’s become a constant drum beat in the last year: The pandemic has changed everything about our lives. How we learn, work, shop, socialize, and move about our communities has all been affected by our need to keep...
Laurie Mega
| 7 min. read
Why property managers should require renters insurance
Here’s a question: Do your residents have renters insurance? If you can’t answer that question, it’s time to do some investigating. That’s because renters insurance isn’t there just to save money for residents. It saves money and headaches...
Robin Young
| 45 min. read
The 2021 Renters’ Report
6 Profiles to Help Property Managers Attract & Retain Great Renters This leasing season, you might notice that different renters are interested in your properties than in the past, with new items on their wishlists. And your current...
Your Leasing Season Playbook
As leasing ramps back up, are you ready for it? You want to attract high-quality residents, convince them that your units are the perfect fit, and finally get a lease signed. To help you stay on top of...

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