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Marc Levetin
| 3 min. read
Partial bill pay: Let us help you spend your money
I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found that adding money to my bank account has been more fun than taking it out. Paying bills isn’t fun. While Buildium hasn’t released a product that eliminates the need...
Holly Dolezalak
| 5 min. read
Sky-high Boston rents prompt tenant complaints—& landlords fight back
Supply and demand are at each other’s throats in the Boston rental market. It’s not quite as bad as in Milton, Mass., where a departing tenant wired the home he vacated to explode. But like other densely populated...
Marc Levetin
| 5 min. read
Bank recs, not bank wrecks
You’ve probably heard the old adage: “Measure twice, cut once.” Well, my dad—being my dad—insisted on putting his own spin on things. He used to quip, “I don’t get it. I cut it twice and it’s still too...
Jim Gallant
| 6 min. read
Smart home technologies: As luxury amenities, are they ready for prime time?
This is the second article in a series about how “smart home” (or “connected home”) technology is poised to bring a whole new world of convenience to homeowners and tenants. In our last post, we looked at smart...
Michael Monteiro
| 3 min. read
Buildium acquires All Property Management, the leading online marketing service for property managers
A letter from Michael Monteiro, co-Founder and CEO of Buildium: Today I’m excited to announce that we acquired All Property Management™, an online marketing service that connects property management companies with property owners who are looking for property...
Jim Gallant
| 5 min. read
In-law apartments are hot properties
In-laws get a bad rap. From The Honeymooners to Everybody Loves Raymond to today’s Black-ish, TV has mined living with the in-laws for sitcom gold. But when the word “in-law” is married with “apartment,” the result for real...
Jim Gallant
| 3 min. read
Introducing Groups for more customized reporting
We’ve just added “Groups” to Buildium, which let you run reports on any combination of properties you choose. Groups give you much greater control over your reporting, so you can run reports that include only the information you,...
Jim Gallant
| 7 min. read
Airbnb rentals: What property managers need to know
Welcome to the Sharing Economy, spearheaded by internet-based marketplaces like Uber (drive people around in your car for cash), TaskRabbit (charge other people to pick up their groceries or assemble their IKEA furniture), and Airbnb (rent out your...

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