This week in property management news: November 28, 2016

Sarah Pallatroni
Sarah Pallatroni | 1 min. read

Published on November 28, 2016

New tech ideas that can add value to your property; Rent prices falling in the priciest cities; 30 awesome property management tips; Signature building scents a new trend for apartment buildings; And, why you should think twice about removing your bathtub.

Rent prices falling in the priciest cities
As demand in the rental market is shifting, median rent prices in the country’s priciest cities are plunging after 6 years of steady growth. Business Insider reports on this market shift.

30 killer tips from successful property managers
After teaming up with NARPM and surveying nearly 1500 property managers to learn about industry trends, Buildium asks for property managers’ best advice for running a successful business.

Thinking about removing your bathtub?
Ronda Kaysen of the New York Times answers the question “Will removing a bathtub affect the value of my apartment?” and brings up many points on why you should keep the tub.

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