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Katrina Langer
| 2 min. read
This week in property management news: September 19, 2016
Airbnb tests property managers for short-term rentals; a new app helps New Yorkers find the right neighborhood for them; parking lots drop in popularity and significance; Vancouver taxes empty rentals to improve the vacancies rate and decrease bidding...
Katrina Langer
| 2 min. read
This week in property management news: August 22, 2016
Why some property values continue to struggle despite market growth; The stress of a first-come, first-served law in Seattle; Should you invest in landing pads for drones?; One startup changing the face of corporate property management; How the...
Katrina Langer
| 4 min. read
Now’s the time to prep for September 1
Since Buildium is headquartered in Boston, we’re lucky enough to have front row seats for one of the craziest days of the year: September 1. If you’re from around here or manage properties in the greater Boston area,...
Katrina Langer
| 3 min. read
5 ways to help first-time condo buyers
First-time condo buyers face many of the same challenges as first-time single-family home buyers, but the selling and ownership process works a little differently. These differences may seem obvious to members of the association board. But they may not...
Katrina Langer
| 3 min. read
5 ways to guarantee a lease renewal
There are so many ways to show your residents that you appreciate them, from building-wide trick-or-treating to Super Bowl parties, every thing you do for your residents helps ensure they’ll stay another year (or longer). At lease renewal...
Katrina Langer
| 3 min. read
The Pokémon are coming—here’s how you can protect your tenants
It’s only been available for five days in the Google Play and iTunes stores, and more than 7.5 million people have downloaded Pokémon Go. At first, you might think it’s just a wildly popular video game that allows Millennials...
Katrina Langer
| 2 min. read
This week in property management news: June 6, 2016
Learn how to keep and manage paperwork in the digital age; new research shows that stable employees create stable residency rates; how LEED-certification reaches beyond multifamily and commercial properties; a San Francisco property management company offers money to...
Katrina Langer
| 4 min. read
8 basic swimming pool rules that every community should have in place
Memorial Day has come and gone, which means one thing: It’s pool and barbecue season. This is great news for your winter-weary residents. They’ll arrive with buckets of sunscreen and piles of kebabs, ready for swimming and grilling....
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