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Elyse LeBlanc
| 2 min. read
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Communication is at the heart of being a great property manager. With Association Tenant Tracking, you can now add, track, and communicate with all association residents.

Property managers who are responsible for condominium or homeowner associations (HOAs) can face some additional hurdles when it comes to communication. Some association owners rent out their units, which means property managers have more residents to inform. And not all association residents need to be notified about the same information.

If you manage community associations, we understand the importance of staying organized and making sure you’re getting relevant information to the right audience. That’s why we now offer Association Tenant Tracking, which allows you to easily track and email owners as well as tenants living in association homes. This feature ensures that everyone is kept up to date on important association-wide happenings such as emergency situations, winter snow removal, maintenance, or events.

Want to see how Association Tenant Tracking works? Take a look at a few screenshots below:

1) Add and keep track of owners and tenants, so you know which person to contact in each association unit.

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2) Email critical updates to all association residents. You can customize emails to make sure information is relevant for owners and/or tenants.


Be on your way to becoming more organized and productive with Association Tenant Tracking. We’re always working to improve our product, so stay tuned on the Buildium blog for more feature updates!

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Elyse LeBlanc

Elyse LeBlanc

Elyse has worked at Buildium for the past 3 years, starting in our Customer Care department and working most recently in Product Marketing. Raised in Colorado but a New England girl at heart, Elyse brings 10 years of customer service and training experience to Buildium, along with a passion for product knowledge and learning. Elyse has been a stakeholder in the ongoing update of Buildium's knowledge base and development of new educational content for customers.

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