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Robin Young
| 1 min. read
Webinar: 7 habits of highly successful property managers
As property managers, it’s hard to avoid getting tied up in the urgency and chaos of our day-to-day responsibilities. Successful property managers have figured out how to leverage simple, easy-to-learn habits to work more efficiently, reduce stress, and...
Robin Young
| 2 min. read
Listen now! Social media webinar for property managers
Social media for property managers: Is it a confusing waste of time–or an essential business tool? The fact is that 97% of online adults visited a social media network in the last year. This means that social media has enormous power...
Sarah Pallatroni
| 2 min. read
Top Buildium blog posts of 2016
As 2016 is coming to end, we’ve put together a list of our top blog posts from the year. Here are our top 10 blog posts of 2016! Squatters take hold in NYC apartments Earlier this year, Humans...
Jennifer Riner
| 4 min. read
5 avoidable mistakes landlords make
Becoming a landlord can mean managing one single-family home, or it can be a full-time, multi-unit job. Perhaps you’re renting out a second home to cover the mortgage and build equity, or your sole focus is leasing and...
Katrina Langer
| 4 min. read
Now’s the time to prep for September 1
Since Buildium is headquartered in Boston, we’re lucky enough to have front row seats for one of the craziest days of the year: September 1. If you’re from around here or manage properties in the greater Boston area,...
Katrina Langer
| 3 min. read
5 ways to help first-time condo buyers
First-time condo buyers face many of the same challenges as first-time single-family home buyers, but the selling and ownership process works a little differently. These differences may seem obvious to members of the association board. But they may not...
Katrina Langer
| 3 min. read
The Pokémon are coming—here’s how you can protect your tenants
It’s only been available for five days in the Google Play and iTunes stores, and more than 7.5 million people have downloaded Pokémon Go. At first, you might think it’s just a wildly popular video game that allows Millennials...
Amanda Maher
| 4 min. read
Is it time for your HOA to hire a property manager?
Hiring a property manager is a no-brainer for landlords who don’t want to deal with the day-to-day responsibilities of real estate ownership. Some don’t have the capacity; others don’t have the interest. In either case, a property manager...
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