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Amanda Maher
| 5 min. read
5 sustainable landscaping trends in the Northwest U.S.
The terrain of the Pacific Northwest is incredibly diverse: lush rainforests thrive right near coastal plains that stretch for miles. A confluence of mountain ranges, rivers and plateaus provide the perfect backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts, and plentiful rainfall...
Jason Van Steenwyk
| 3 min. read
Worried about pool maintenance? The CDC has you covered.
It’s just about July, which means school is out and the kids are ready to jump in the pool. Which means: pool maintenance is critical. A broken filter is just not something you want to deal with when...
Amanda Maher
| 5 min. read
Green landscaping trends in the Southern United States
Consider this: maintaining an acre of high-quality lawn turf is, on average, four times as expensive to maintain and requires five times as much manpower for the upkeep needed versus an acre of sustainable landscaping. Few people relish...
Jason Van Steenwyk
| 3 min. read
7 reasons to consider LED lighting
There’s something to be said for brand new buildings: they’re incredibly efficient, from their insulation to their plumbing through to their light fixtures. But, if you own an older building, you also know that it has its charms....
Amanda Maher
| 5 min. read
Green landscaping ideas for the Southwestern U.S.
Droughts are nothing new to California, but the period between late 2011 and early 2015 was the driest in California history since record keeping began. Municipalities were forced to enact strict water usage controls and all but the...
Amanda Maher
| 6 min. read
6 green landscaping trends in the Northeast
Tis the season! Bust out the wheelbarrows and crank up the lawn mowers—it’s time to get your yard in tip-top shape for the summer BBQs that we all love so much. Not to mention, now is the perfect...
Jason Van Steenwyk
| 4 min. read
9 rules for your community garden
Last week, we discussed the many benefits of community gardens for your residents: from better mental health to locally grown food, it’s an easy way to make residents happy. Not to mention, after an initial investment of less...
Jason Van Steenwyk
| 3 min. read
The pros and cons of keyless entry systems
The modern lock, as we know it today, was invented by Linus Yale, Jr in 1861. And it hasn’t changed much since. And for good reason: the pin tumbler lock system (as perfected in the 19th century) keeps...
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Robin Young
| 15 min. read
A Return to Growth for Rental Owners in 2024
Understand the different types of rental investors and what they expect from their property management company in the current rental market.
Tara Mastroeni
| 8 min. read
9 property management tips: Habits for growth-minded business owners
No matter how far along you are in your property management career, the industry seems to keep you on your toes—and there’s always something new to learn. Even the most established managers can benefit from a few property...
Buildium’s Blueprint for Better Screening
Learn how Buildium’s Screening services can deliver comprehensive tenant background checks and risk assessments, helping you make informed decisions. As part of this webinar, you’ll learn: The fundamental benefits of screening Details and comparison of Buildium’s Screening services...
Jon Park
| 10 min. read
Tech vs hiring: Boost revenue with a smarter approach to your property management staff
Almost every property manager is looking to grow their portfolios in 2024. In fact, 92% of them have plans to expand their business this year. While expansion may entail hiring more staff, a technology-based approach is often a...
Tony Maiella
| 12 min. read
Amp up your property management lead gen game: How to get new owners in the door
Whether your MO is to grow your business fast or pull in clients as you build out your business, property management lead generation is a strategy you need to master. After all, getting new property management leads is...
Laurie Mega
| 9 min. read
Amp up your property management lead gen game: Your nurture and sales strategy
You know that to get more property management clients, you need to generate more property management leads. And to do that, you need a solid, multi-channel marketing plan that brings in owners looking for a property manager. But...
Jon Park
| 15 min. read
8 of the best tenant management software solutions in 2024
Compare the strengths, features, and pricing details of 8 of the best tenant management software solutions in 2024.
Laurie Mega
| 12 min. read
The 10 best property management software solutions for 2024
We’ve studied review sites and assessed features across platforms to find ten of the best property management software solutions out there in 2024.

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