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Laurie Mega
| 10 min. read
9 of the Best HOA management software platforms for 2024
Explore 9 of the best software solutions for HOA, COA, and condo management, including what each tool has to offer and how much it costs.
Laurie Mega
| 10 min. read
7 best single-family property management software solutions of 2024
See how 7 of the top single-family property management software solutions stack up and determine which works best for you and your owners.
Jake Belding
| 18 min. read
Should you use QuickBooks for property management software?
Learn whether or not you should use QuickBooks for property management. This guide compares QuickBooks vs Buildium in 10 key areas.
Jake Belding
| 15 min. read
The 11 best community association management software tools in 2024
Discover 11 of the best community association software options available and streamline your operations today.
Jon Park
| 7 min. read
Engage your employees: Expert culture tips for property management businesses
While ping pong tables, unlimited snacks, and cold brew on tap are all amazing perks, they don’t define a strong company culture. That’s especially true at a time where keeping your employees engaged is becoming increasingly difficult, with...
Webinar: 1099 e-Filing for 2023
When it comes to tax season, it helps to have resources to help you through the process. Check out the webinar to learn all about e-Filing your 1099s with Buildium.  Duration: 20 minutes In this session, we cover: ...
Jason Van Steenwyk
| 9 min. read
Fire insurance 101: What landlords & property managers need to know
Residential fires are as costly as they are common. In 2021, there were almost 1.4 million fires resulting in $16 billion in losses, according to the U.S. Fire Association, a FEMA organization. Residential fires accounted for almost 354,000,...
Property Management Insurance
Being prepared for unforeseen events is key to easing financial (and mental) burdens in the property management business. But with so many options for insurance, where do you start?

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