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Buildium’s latest product improvements

Justyn MacFarland (Sand Dune Properties), one of our lovely customers, wrote this to us recently: “What makes Buildium most unique is its willingness to constantly improve and actually take our input. In my book, there is nothing more important than taking feedback and using it to improve the product.”
We couldn’t agree more! After listening closely to our customers, we twiddled some knobs back at Buildium HQ and came up these product enhancements we think you’ll like:

1)  General journal entries can now have multiple lines with the same account.

2)  “Pay bills by check” now allows a bill to be offset by a vendor credit.

3)  Replace a number of pop-up windows with inline panels.

4)  It’s now possible to open more than one pop-up window at a time.

5)  Our Work Order’s Parts and Labor items can now have a $0 price.

6)  Assorted bug fixes and behind-the-scenes enhancements.

In August, we talked about how we were creating a “more robust and scalable backbone for our files, images, and attachments.” That work finished up this month, and all of files are now being served up through this new method. You may have noticed that your files download a bit more quickly than before.

Have an idea for a product enhancement? Here’s how to submit a feature request.

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