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Jason Hetherington
| 2 min. read
What a property manager needs to know before renting to friends & family
Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? When a close friend or family member holds a certain position of power, those who know this person tend to feel that they...
Geoff Roberts
| 1 min. read
DIY versus professional property management
This week, we’ve got a great infographic to share with you. To quote directly from it, “Being a landlord isn’t easy, especially for someone with a day job, but this is sometimes a hard lesson to learn. …...
Election protection
During an election year, it’s not uncommon to drive through local neighborhoods and find political signs of every shape, size, and party firmly planted in some of the nicest landscaped yards in town. In some areas, the saturation...
Carla Toebe
| 4 min. read
Property management and crime: How to prevent common risks
One of your responsibilities as a property manager is to maintain a safe and secure property. Unfortunately, there are a number of scenarios within property management that a criminal—or even just an opportunist—could exploit. The list below outlines...
Linda Day Harrison
| 4 min. read
"Weather" you like it or not – winter is coming!
I think we can all agree that whether you’re a seasoned property manager or building owner, or if you’re a rookie to managing property, that there are not enough reminders about Mother Nature changing course, come winter each...
Linda Day Harrison
| 4 min. read
Have you ever considered a budget wish list?
It is a tough time of the year for us property managers as many of us are in the process of planning our budget for next year. However, it’s also a perfect time to poll all of your property owners, vendors,...
Ken Kmet
| 6 min. read
Hurricane preparedness checklist for homeowners associations
Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30. Is your association prepared? This checklist will help your condo or homeowners association to determine your level of hurricane season readiness. The first thing an association has to do...
Ken Kmet
| 6 min. read
Do you have plumbing leaks in your association?
As buildings age, more attention has to be paid to repairs and replacements. Plumbing problems are more expensive than other repairs because they are hidden. Locating the source of a leak may not be easy, even though wet...

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