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Brooke McDonald
| 4 min. read
National fair housing month: Follow these tips to avoid lawsuits
The federal government has dedicated the month of April to spreading awareness about fair housing in the United States, especially legislation like the Fair Housing Act. For property managers, understanding fair housing legislation is vital to ensure a...
Geoff Roberts
| 3 min. read
Should you raise rents?
In many parts of the U.S., there are fewer rental units, and a greater percentage of Americans are renting than they were just a few years ago. Those are two key findings contained in the latest research by...
Geoff Roberts
| 2 min. read
Rental homes challenge hotels among vacationers
A hotel is the traditional destination of choice for an individual or family going on vacation. But that seems to be changing. Today rental homes are all the rage, at least among U.S. travelers. That’s the upshot of...
The royal society for putting things on top of other things
From time to time, a property owner or possessor will give permission to others to use or rent out parts of her property and put things on it. A soda machine, a vending machine, a gas line, or...
Linda Day Harrison
| 4 min. read
Protecting your property management company brand name
Whether you like it or not, online marketing is here to stay. Don’t think that tomorrow you’ll wake up and not have to deal with it or worry about it, like a fad. No such luck. Burying your...
Colin McCarthy
| 3 min. read
The janitor did it
“The childish propensity to intermeddle was the characteristic which the [property possessor] should have taken reasonable precautions to guard against.”* Sometimes the courts come up with lyrical gems that get right to the heart of the matter. Through...
Why it’s okay to outsource your property management
As we all know, outsourcing is a risk that can turn out to either be the best decision you ever made or the worst thought to ever cross your mind. When it comes to property management, you have...
Steve Boudreault
| 2 min. read
When property management goes bad
In Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Captain Kirk and Doctor McCoy are found guilty of assassinating the Chancellor of the Klingon High Council and are sent to the penal colony known as Rura Penthe. Upon arrival, the administrator...

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