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Meet our leadership

Together, they support more than 330 employees around the world,
including those in our offices in Boston, India, and the Philippines.

Not every office is a place where you can, or even want to, learn from your the people around you and work to improve yourself on a daily basis. I count myself extremely lucky to be a Buildian.

Mark Brierley, Product Manager

Buildium gives their employees free rein over their own projects. And when you have that ownership, it’s impossible not to feel like you’re making a difference here.

Lauren Mason, Field Marketing Manager

The people that come in everyday make Buildium the best place to work. We all care about each other, our customers, and making a great product.

Jessica Steinberg, Customer Care Manager

Buildium is a place where developers own the solution to the problem and collaborate to get things done. We work hard, play hard and challenge each other to do it right.

Jordan Krey, Principal Software Engineer