9 top-rated property management software solutions in 2024: Comparisons and reviews

Jake Belding
Jake Belding | 11 min. read

Published on January 18, 2024

Editor’s Note: Content for this post, including software ratings were collected in January 2024. 

Review sites such as Capterra® list hundreds of software options intended to make property managers’ jobs easier. But, scrolling through property management software reviews to find enough relevant information with the right level of detail can be time consuming. Luckily, you won’t have to do this research on your own to find the top rated  property management software solutions worth investing in.

By comparing assessments from the most trusted review sites, including Capterra, Software Advice®, G2® and Investopedia®, we’ve curated a list of 9 of the top-rated property management software solutions for your business, owners, and tenants that will get you the most ROI from your technology investment.

Before jumping into the list, let’s look at how these review sites measure the quality of different property management tools.

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What Property Management Software Reviews Measure

There are several criteria software review sites use to review and compare property management software. Most commonly, solutions are ranked by ratings from users of each product. For many of the sites we examined, this is measured through an aggregated rating out of 5—four out of 5 stars, for example—combined with more qualitative, specific feedback from users.

While it may seem easy to pick out the top property management software solutions based on those scores, there are a few other factors to consider.

Newer products and smaller companies may only have a handful of user reviews, making their overall score less reliable than a more established product with hundreds, or even thousands, of reviews. Many software solutions cater to a specific niche within property management—which can include anything from community association management, HOA management, or small, self-managed portfolios—to accounting-specific software or tools only meant for vendor management.

Because of the variety in the technology out there, and the way sites rank them, we’ve organized our list of the top-rated property management software by portfolio type, with categories for single-family, small multifamily, condo, association, commercial, and all-around.

Within each category, we’ve selected the best software based on their average ranking across all the sites we examined, giving greater weight to products with more total positive reviews. For example, a product with 10 reviews and an average ranking of 4.6 / 5 would rank lower than a product with 150 reviews and a 4.5 / 5 average ranking.

Property Management Software Reviews and Pricing

User reviews can say a lot about the quality of a product, but pricing can be just as important, especially if you’re comparing relatively similar platforms.

Each company has its own approach to pricing plans, whether that’s a tiered system, like basic or premium, a freemium model, where fees only apply for specific services within a platform, or a simple flat rate approach.

For each software profile below, we’ve outlined what you’ll get for what rate. Some options require you to reach out directly for pricing, which brings us to another important point.

How Demos and Free Trials Fit Into Property Management Reviews

Many of the top property management software companies offer a demo or free trial of their product. Some might even encourage you to get in contact with their team about a demo before divulging pricing. Transparent pricing that’s clearly labeled online is usually preferred, as it will allow you to compare apples to apples before speaking with a sales team member. Trusted reviews of property management software should mention these details for each solution.

A free trial can help you make an even more informed property management software comparison when the time comes. Just be cautious when sharing payment details before actually committing to a particular platform. Instead, look for software you can test out with no credit card required. Also, be wary of solutions that ask you to import your business data prematurely, especially if it includes personal information on your owners and tenants. Free trials that include pre-populated sample data are preferable as you vet your options.

Beyond high overall ratings and pricing, there are also a handful of features that the top-rated software solutions all share.

Features That Top Rated Property Management Software Have in Common

Since there are so many options out there, this list will focus on software that can help you with several tasks within property management, not just one specialized function.

Tools to Automate Daily Operations

The top-rated property management software we compared all focused on automating the various processes involved in managing properties, tenants, and owners, along with the day-to-day work that comes with running a business. Some of those features include:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping tools
  • Digital tenant communication channels
  • Online payment options (epay)
  • Vendor and maintenance management
  • Customized reports, contract templates, and other documentation
  • Showing and lead management tools
  • Business analytics and growth tools

Built-In Flexibility and Adaptability

Beyond automation, flexibility was another important factor that was reflected in reviews across the board.

Solutions that meet the needs of several types of property managers, and that give them the tools to grow their business over time through integrations, compatibility with other software, and features such as an open API, all resulted in stronger ratings from users.

Cost-Effective Pricing

Finally, cost-effectiveness highly influenced both the overall ranking of different solutions both on review sites and the feedback that individual users left on products.

Notably, free-to-use products did not top many lists. Those spots were instead occupied by software that provided the most value for the cost, through benefits such as an extensive feature list, well-priced service tiers, general ease of use, and reliable customer support.

Top Rated Property Management Software: The Full List

Using all the criteria mentioned above we’ve compiled our list of the best software for every type of property management company. While some solutions may excel in one area more than others, this software comparison can give you a better idea of which ones offer the most all-around value for day-to-day property management.

Read on to see the top-rated property management software in each category, complete with ratings from individual sites and insights taken directly from user reviews.

1. Buildium: Top Rated Software for All-in-One Property Management

Buildium top rated property management software
Buildium top rated property management software

Buildium® is a comprehensive property management software that serves property managers of all sizes, property types, and growth stages. Buildium is purpose-built with tools to support single-family, multifamily, and community association managers.


  • Capterra: 4.5 (2005 reviews); Listed as a “Top Performer” (Buildium has the most reviews in real estate property management software on Capterra and the highest number of 4 and 5 ratings.)
  • Software Advice: 4.5 (1996 reviews); Listed as a “FrontRunner”
  • G2: 4.4 (196 reviews); Recognized as a software “Leader”
  • Named “Best Overall Property Management Software” by Investopedia


Buildium includes an array of features that help property managers control the chaos and stay competitive, including:

  • A resident portal that allows residents to communicate with you, pay rent and fees, and post maintenance requests
  • An owner portal that keeps clients informed on the status of their properties
  • A maintenance tracking system that helps you assign tasks, check status, collect invoices, and pay bills across all your properties
  • Tenant screening that includes credit, employment, and criminal background checks on new tenants
  • Analytics and insights that help you grow your business, as well as the portfolios of your owners
  • Tools and services such as resident benefits packages that help you add value to tenants and unlock new recurring revenue streams
  • Buildium Marketplace, an ecosystem of industry-leading apps that you can integrate into your Buildium dashboard
  • An open API to let you connect other apps you use in your day-to-day


Buildium offers three tiers of pricing. All plans include:

  • Accounting
  • Maintenance
  • Task Management
  • Violations
  • Online Portals
  • Resident & Board Member Communications

The three tiers are customized to meet the needs of property management businesses in different phases of growth:

  • Essential: Starting at $55/month, Essential includes Buildium’s core features and is geared toward property management companies who are looking for accounting and task management tools.
  • Growth: Starting at $174/month, Growth is the plan for property managers looking to grow without worrying about scaling costs. It includes reduced incoming ACH fees, unlimited eSignatures, and actionable insights in Analytics Hub.
  • Premium: Starting at $375/month, this plan is meant for property management firms who want to build more automation into their workflows and increase efficiencies. It includes everything in Growth, unlimited incoming ACH (fees waived), plus access to Buildum’s Open API and Priority Support.

2. ResMan: Top Rated Management Software for Small Multifamily Properties

ResMan top rated property management software

ResMan® is a property management software well suited for property managers, investors, and owners in the multifamily and affordable housing market.

Their solution combines management tools with a suite of marketing and investment features to cover daily operations and help grow your multifamily business.


  • Capterra: 4.5 (460 reviews)
  • Software Advice: 4.6 (460 reviews)
  • G2: 4.8 (199 reviews); Named “5th Easiest To Use”


ResMan includes a full suite of accounting, budgeting, maintenance, and reporting features built specifically for multifamily property management. Some standout capabilities include vacancy advertising, tenant screening, and service portals.

These features are easy to use, especially if you’re looking for an option to manage a smaller existing portfolio of multifamily properties.

If affordable housing is part of your portfolio, ResMan also includes compliance tools such as HUD certification validation and tax credit programs.


There’s no pricing information provided on ResMan’s site at this time. You’ll have to contact their sales team to receive a custom quote.

3. Rent Manager: Top Rated Property Management Software for Flexibility

Rent Manager top rated property management software

Rent Manager® by London Computer Systems is a little bit different from the other property management software companies on this list. It offers both an offline and online solution. Their offline offering, called Rent Manager Standalone, is installed directly onto a computer and allows property managers to access their data without having to go online. Rent Manager Online (RMO) is your typical property management SaaS platform that allows property managers to access everything on the go.


  • Capterra: 4.5 (247 reviews)
  • Software Advice: 4.4 (270 reviews); Listed under Vacation Rental Software
  • G2: 4.6 (134 reviews)


Rent Manager is suitable for property management companies of varying size and type. They offer all the standard functionality, including accounting, maintenance, communication tools, reporting, and leasing.

Property managers can customize the format and function within the software to meet the unique needs of their business, as well. That includes custom tabs, dashboard tiles, and user-defined fields.

Rent Manager includes an open API and integrations with other apps, as well.


Rent Manager’s pricing is split into three tiers, Basic, Plus, and Premium.

Basic starts at $1 per unit per month with a $200 monthly minimum and 2x the fee for implementation. It includes everything a property manager would need to get started, including unlimited users, unlimited live support, resident screenings, and access to their mobile app.

Plus starts at $1.50 per unit per month with a $300 monthly minimum and 2x the fee for implementation. It includes a few more features that Basic doesn’t, including the Rent Manager Call Center, two-way texting, the rmAppSuite Pro Mobile App, and bank syncing.

Premium starts at $2.50 per unit per month with a $500 monthly minimum and 2x the fee for implementation. It includes access to maintenance scheduling, video inspections and access to the customer success team.

The Rent Manager API is only available as an add-on to any plan.

4. Propertyware: Top Rated Property Management Software for Single-Family Portfolios

Propertyware top rated property management software

Propertyware® is a fully customizable property management tool that allows property managers to control every aspect of how they manage their properties and run their business.

It was designed by single-family property managers specifically for that market. Now, it supports some of the industry’s largest and most successful single-family property management companies.


  • Capterra: 3.9 (305 reviews)
  • Software Advice: 3.82 (289 reviews)
  • G2: 3.7 (27 reviews)
  • Named “Best Overall for Single-Family Homes” by Investopedia


Propertyware makes it easy to create custom fields, dashboards and reports. It also features an open API, which allows property management companies to integrate other property management apps or even build their own and connect it to Propertyware seamlessly.

This customization is all on top of tools to automate accounting, maintenance, lead-to-lease, multi-location management, along with even more features like a maintenance contact center and owner and resident insurance.

Propertyware provides portfolio-level accounting and reporting and a unique solution for multi-regional expansion and growth allowing managers to monitor local operations easily and see holistic reporting with a single sign-on.


Propertyware has three pricing tiers:

  • Basic starts at $1 per unit per month, with a $250 minimum
  • Plus starts at $1.50 per unit per month, with a $350 minimum
  • Premium starts at $2 per unit per month, with a $450 minimum

All plans charge 2x the monthly subscription price for implementation.

5. Guesty: Top Rated Property Management Software for Vacation Rentals

Guestly top rated property management software

Guesty® is a software solution built specifically for short-term properties and vacation rentals. Users can access a single interface to manage properties and post listings across popular vacation rental platforms such as Vrbo®, Airbnb®, and Booking.com®.


  • Capterra: 4.5 (250 reviews)
  • Software Advice: 4.5 (254 reviews)
  • G2: 4.5 (41 reviews)


Guesty includes a Mobile Management App for on-the-go access to messages from guests, booking calendars, task management tools, and other features available through the platform.

The 24/7 Guest Communication Services team is also available to help provide quick responses to guest inquiries, while the software also allows you to sort through messages and sort them by urgency.

Guesty has several payment processing features combined in GuestPay that property managers can use to verify credit card payments, troubleshoot chargebacks, and reconcile their accounts from within the software.


Subscriptions start at $27 per month for one through three listings. If you’re listing more than three rentals, you can request a quote to be matched with a specific rate for their Pro and Enterprise level packages.

Guesty offers additional services like Chargeback Protection and Smart Lock Automation for an additional fee.

6. Entrata: Top-Rated Property Management Software for Apartments

Entrata top rated property management software

Entrata® is a well-rounded software that offers a host of solutions for maintenance, marketing, leasing, and other common functions of property management. They service a wide range of multifamily portfolios, even extending to student, military, and affordable housing, which makes them a versatile option.


  • Capterra: 4.5 (258 reviews); Listed as a “Top Performer”
  • Software Advice: 4.5 (258 reviews); Listed as a “FrontRunner”
  • G2: 4.5 (386 reviews); Named “Leader” for winter 2024


Entrata offers an app called  SiteTablet™ that gives property managers real-time access to leasing information, pricing and availability, and community information.

These two products can benefit property managers with larger buildings such as apartments in their portfolios.

While Entrata is useful for larger portfolios, property managers looking for more comprehensive features may need to look for another solution. For example, their accounting software includes general accounting and budgeting, but doesn’t seem to include tax reporting or 1099 filing capabilities directly within their offering.


Entrata doesn’t include pricing details on their site. Instead, property managers can submit their contact information to speak to a sales rep.

7. PayHOA: Top Rated Software for Association Management

PayHOA top rated property management software

PayHOA® is a cloud-based community management software solution for smaller businesses that covers essential operations for HOAs and other residential associations.


  • Capterra: 4.5 (199 reviews)
  • Software Advice: 4.5 (199 reviews)
  • G2: 4.6 (26 reviews)


With the PayHOA dashboard, you can track most of the activities within an association, from payments to violations to maintenance requests.

Their accounting tools can help you track bills and invoices, collect dues, and monitor HOA budgets. These are supported by reporting features that can benefit both your business and the associations you manage. You can also use PayHOAs communication tools to stay in touch with boards and residents.


PayHOA plans are priced by number of units starting at $49 per month for up to 25 units and capping at $249 per month for 401-500 units. There are additional charges to process credit card transactions (3.25% plus 50 cents) and eChecks ($1.95 per check).

If you have a larger HOA management business,  PayHOA may not be the right fit, as their pricing only covers community managers with 500 doors or less.

8. Hemlane: Top Rated Software for Small Portfolio Property Managers

Hemlane top rated property management software

Hemlane’s® property management software was created with ease-of-use in mind. According to their site, their features are built with best practices baked in so property managers and owners can hit the ground running.

That can be especially helpful if you’re managing a smaller portfolio and looking for accessible software to help you get started.


  • Capterra: 4.8 (156 reviews)
  • Software Advice: 4.8 (156 reviews)
  • G2: 4.8 (25 reviews)


Hemlane offers features tailored to property managers, owners, tenants, and real estate agents.

As a property manager that’s subscribed to their Basic plan, you’ll have access to rental advertising, automation in different parts of daily operations, maintenance tools, lease management, and online rent payments.

Their two higher-tier pricing plans (see below) grant you access to added features including state-specific lease templates and other legal documents, e-signature, discounted legal advice, and maintenance coordination, all available at their middle pricing tier, and additional access to local vendors and leasing agents at their highest tier.


As mentioned above, Hemlane offers three pricing options: Basic, Essential and Complete. All three plans start with a $28 monthly base fee. The Basic plan costs an additional $2 per unit. The Essential pan costs an extra $12 per unit, while the Complete plan costs $80 more per unit.

For example, with the Basic plan, if you manage 10 units the fee is $20 per month plus the $28 base fee, which comes to $48 per month, total.

You can use their calculator on the pricing page to figure out how much each plan would cost you.

There are also add-on services available for leasing and pre-eviction. Those start at $595 and $475 respectively.

9. MRI Software: Top Rated Software for Commercial Properties

MRI top rated property management software

MRI Software® offers a Commercial Property Management solution that helps businesses scale while automating complex day-to-day processes such as lease clauses, breakpoints, offsets, estimated payments, and recoveries.

The software offers data visualization features for more accurate reporting and clearer insights if you’re planning to expand your business.


  • Capterra: 4.3 (80 reviews)
  • Software Advice: 4.3 (79 reviews)
  • G2: 3.7 (50 reviews)
  • Named “Best For Commercial Property” by Investopedia


MRI Software includes an investment management module to visualize how your commercial portfolio is performing and can generate easy-to-understand reports.

The AI lease abstraction tool lets you take your insights a step further by pulling relevant lease data quickly for easier compliance, readiness for potential audits, and overall more transparent operations.

You can also use an online portal for tenants, a marketing platform that connects your marketing and leasing data, and a comprehensive view into building operations.


MRI doesn’t publish their pricing on their site. Interested property managers are asked to submit their contact information so they can speak to a sales rep.

Find the Right Fit for Your Business

While comparing property management software reviews is always a good first step, knowing which solution is actually right for your business can take some trial and error.

Once you know what’s out there, select a few options that fit your portfolio, the size of your business, and your plans for growth, and give your top choices a spin. Many solutions offer demo consultations and a trial period that lets you test out the tools each platform offers.

If you’re looking for comprehensive software to meet your current needs and help you grow your business on your terms, Buildium offers a free 14-day trial with no credit card required.

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