Women in Technology Scholarship

Meg Whitman. Mary Barra. Virginia Rometty. Susan Wojcicki. Melinda Gates.

Five of the most powerful STEM leaders in the world. All of them women. All of them breaking boundaries for future female leaders, engineers, designers, creative directors, product developers, and CEOs.

And, all of them an inspiration to support female leaders in technology.

Here are some more fast facts about female leaders:

  • Women earn 60% of all bachelor degrees, 60% of all master’s degrees, 48% of all medical degrees, and a startling 18% of all STEM degrees.
  • 59% of the college-educated, entry-level workforce are women.
  • Only 4.6% of all Fortune 500 CEOs are female.
  • There are zero female CEOs in the financial services, healthcare, or social services industries.
  • Only 24% of all STEM positions are held by women; only 9% of those women hold leadership positions.

You could probably find a lot of research to explain why women earn more degrees but fewer CEO positions. But what we want to know is how to balance the equation.

And, if you’re a female studying science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM), you probably have an answer. Which is why we’re proud to award one $2,500 scholarship each semester to a women who can tell us which female leader most inspires them to pursue their dreams, and why.

Think you’re up to the challenge? Read on to learn more about submission deadlines and requirements.

How do I apply?

In less than 1,000 words, tell us which female leader at a technology company inspires you, and why. She can be a CEO, a product developer, a creative director, an engineer, or anything in between. But she must be a leader in STEM.

How do I qualify for the scholarship?

You must be a female enrolled in an accredited undergraduate or graduate degree program in the United States or Canada, studying Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM).

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and in good academic standing with their college or university.

What is the deadline for submissions?

Our Spring 2017 Scholarship opens on March 15th and closes on April 15th. We will begin accepting applications again for our Fall scholarship rotation on October 1st and it closes on November 1st.

**We operate under the same cycle every year.**

Where do I send my essay?

All essays can be submitted to scholarship@buildium.com with a subject line of “Women in Technology Scholarship – [Your Name]”

Please attach them as a Word document or PDF.

Do I need to include anything else?

Yes. Please also attach a copy of your unofficial transcript as proof of your enrollment. If you are currently enrolled in your first semester (and, therefore, do not have a transcript), please send a copy of your original acceptance letter. No other alternative forms of documentation will be accepted. 

In the body of your email, please include the following exactly:

  • First Name, Last Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • The school you are attending.
  • Your major/concentration
  • Expected Graduation year

Who are some of the past winners?

What if I have more questions?

Please email us at scholarship@buildium.com with any other questions, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.