Paying it forward to next-gen leaders: Buildium awards $5K to deserving scholarship winners

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Published on February 2, 2017

At Buildium, we’re not just dedicated to living out our values and passions—we take great pride in helping others to live out their values and passions. This is why we started a scholarship program that gives $10,000 annually to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) students. It’s our way of paying it forward to the next generation of technology leaders.

To apply for our two biannual scholarships, Build U. and Women in Technology, students were asked to craft an essay in response to a prompt. The winning essayists will each receive $2500 to put toward their education. Applicants were limited to STEM students currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree programs in the U.S. and Canada. An internal reading committee reviewed each essay and chose a winner based on how clearly, thoughtfully, and eloquently the entrant answered the question.

We received a number of extraordinary essays this time around; so after much deliberation, we’re happy to announce our two latest scholarship winners!

Build U. Scholarship Winner:

Heejung Chung, Stanford University – Class of 2020

Build U. applicants answered the question, “What company do you admire that exemplifies one or more of Buildium’s 6 core values?” They’re free to discuss any of our core values:

  • Focus on customers first
  • Be helpful and supportive
  • Communicate openly and honestly
  • Be nimble and flexible
  • Take initiative and work hard
  • Be passionate and have fun

Heejung wrote about Make School, an organization whose product development program had a huge impact on her. In her thoughtful essay, Heejung described the expertise and support that Make School offers to each and every student that attends its programs. She made the case for how Make School embodies Buildium’s core value “focus on customers first,” stating:

“One of the main challenges facing the modern student is the high cost of higher education. To counter this problem, the Product University charges zero upfront tuition and provides many sponsorships for students. These practices demonstrate how the company genuinely places its students as a top priority.”

When asked to explain the most exciting aspect of studying and working in STEM, Heejung said:

“Though STEM encompasses a broad range of fields, one commonality is that they enable us to make measurable impacts on our surroundings. What excites me about computer science, specifically, is not only the ability to rapidly develop a solution to different issues, but also the potential for that solution to reach a large population. Eventually, I hope to apply my STEM education towards starting a humanitarian initiative like Kiva, which uses microfinance to empower millions of people to create small businesses.”

Women in Technology Scholarship Winner:

Abigail Centers, Florida State University – Class of 2019

Women in Technology applicants were asked, “Which female leader in STEM most inspires you to pursue your dreams and why?”

Abigail crafted a passionate essay about Grace Hopper, a computer scientist known affectionately as “The Grand Old Lady of Software.” Abigail discovered Hopper’s work while taking a leadership development class and was immediately drawn to her story. Hopper was known for defying gender stereotypes, and she encouraged other young women interested in technology to follow their passions and to not be afraid of failure.

In her essay, Abigail eloquently explained how Hopper’s legacy influenced her during moments of doubt in her studies:

“Hopper often said, ‘A ship in port is safe; but that is not what ships are built for. Sail out to sea and do new things.’ I will never forget the influence this woman had on one of my most difficult semesters. She gave me the confidence to believe that no one is completely ‘wired’ in one direction. A particular subject may come easier for a certain individual, but one’s strong points do not automatically pave the path to success. I never dreamed I could accomplish anything so fantastic until I discovered Hopper’s work. Her compiler redefined computer programming, and her perseverance inspired me to dream that I, too, can do something great.”

When asked what our scholarship means for her education, Abigail said:

“This award will play an important role in my education by reducing the cost of tuition and other course-related expenses. However, the scholarship is much more than a monetary aid; it has also given me an enormous boost of confidence by encouraging me to pursue my academic goals in spite of traditional gender roles and expectations. I am so excited to continue my studies in the STEM field, and I am honored to be among the women who have received this prestigious award.”

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On behalf of the entire Buildium team, we congratulate Heejung and Abigail! We wish them nothing but the best in their education and careers.

You can apply for Buildium’s next round of scholarships between March 15 and April 15, 2017. Be sure to watch the Build U. and Women in Technology pages for more information as the application period approaches.

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