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Improving Our Communication

In our January newsletter, Buildium co-Founder Michael talked about how we would be “soliciting more feedback, asking more questions, listening, watching, and learning” in 2013. One way we do these things is through our customer idea and feedback forum.

The forum’s been open for a couple of years now, and in that time, our customers have suggested hundreds of great ideas and cast thousands of votes. Though we’ve incorporated many of those ideas into our designs, we’ve admittedly done a lousy job keeping everyone in the loop. Over the coming weeks, we’ll update each and every idea in the forum so you know where things stand.

In addition, we’ll post more articles here on the Buildium.com News page about recent changes and upcoming projects. Watch for updates as we roll out improvements to rental applications, E-payments, and accounting in 2013. 

Better communication is good, but delivering on our brand promise is even better. That’s why we’re doubling down by hiring more of the best designers and engineers we can find, and why we’ve organized into smaller, more nimble teams focused on specific areas like accounting and mobile.

The improvements won’t come overnight, but we are more committed than ever to providing you with the best property management software on the planet.