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Wyoming security deposit laws

Last updated: Jul 01, 2015

What’s the deal with security deposit laws in Wyoming?

Imagining the “Wild West” may inspire a romantic view of Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill, the OK Corral, and the Oregon Trail. One may even imagine outlaws & lawmen engaged in fierce shootouts over unbridled landlord-tenant laws—okay, maybe not that last one. But, we weren’t there, so who knows? What’s we do know is that modern day disputes can arise over security deposits, we’re here to help you navigate the sometimes murky waters of security deposit laws in Wyoming.

Many people would probably say that security deposit laws in Wyoming generally favor the landlord. While this may be good news for you, it could be a nightmare for tenants, as was the case for a number of Cheyenne residents who were forced to vacate their mold-infested, heatless homes in the middle of the winter. As they quickly searched for temporary housing, their landlord refused to return their security deposits, leaving them out in the cold, literally and figuratively.

Except, under Wyoming law, this landlord was responsible for making sure that none of the previously mentioned issues existed before the tenants even moved in, so they were technically at fault. But, because of the ambiguity of security deposit laws, the misplaced tenants had a difficult time securing their money and moving on with their lives without an attorney.

Needless to say, it’s very important to follow the laws that are in place, so you don’t find yourself in the quagmire the above landlord was caught in. Read on to learn more about the particulars of Security Deposits in Wyoming.

Do landlords need to charge tenants a security deposit in Wyoming?

It isn’t mandatory to charge your tenants a security deposit, but it’s definitely worth considering. A security deposit acts as a sort of insurance policy both for you, and for your tenant. It can be used if the tenant causes significant damage to the property, or in the event that the tenan

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