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This week in property management news: November 13, 2017

Industry News & Events

California fire victims struggle to find affordable housing; Looking ahead to 2018; The hidden dangers of sacrificing credit quality; And, Becoming proactive with property maintenance.

Rental market tightens in wake of CA fires
Victims of the California wildfires fear they won’t be able to move back due to skyrocketing rent prices.

Looking ahead to 2018
Multifamily Executive shares 8 things to watch for in the property management industry for 2018.

7 Habits of Highly Successful Property Managers Guide

You will discover creative ways to identify and eliminate routines that are no longer benefiting your business.


The hidden dangers of credit quality
When trying to sell a community, it is always a goal to have nearly full occupancy. Sacrificing credit quality when screening tenants to fill vacancies can be a risky gamble.

Becoming proactive with property maintenance
Most property managers handle property maintenance requests in a reactive manner. Rental Housing Journal shares 4 ways to become more proactive with property maintenance.

Sarah Pallatroni

Sarah Pallatroni

As Buildium's social media marketer, Sarah is responsible for brand promotion across multiple social media platforms and keeps the team up-to-date on industry trends. With a BS in Marketing from Bentley University, she is constantly learning new ways to represent the Buildium brand via the wonders of social media. Outside of work, Sarah enjoys traveling and critiquing new restaurants.