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This week in property management news: May 8, 2017

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Where to buy properties for the best rental returns; 3 tips for attracting and retaining today’s renters; Renters willing to pay extra fees for amenities; how to attract today’s fitness enthusiasts; And, The rise of mixed-use buildings.

Where to buy properties for best rental returns
The rental real estate market is getting competitive among investors. CNBC provides a list of the best and worst places to buy for the highest rental returns.

3 tips for attracting and retaining today’s renters
As renters’ needs and wants in the apartment market continue to evolve, landlords and property managers must try to keep up. MFE Magazine provides 3 tips for attracting and keeping today’s renters.

Renters willing to pay extra fees for these amenities
Renters are willing to pay fees for their favorite amenities. Lucky for landlords, these are a great way to earn a little extra cash.

7 Habits of Highly Successful Property Managers Guide

You will discover creative ways to identify and eliminate routines that are no longer benefiting your business.


How to attract today’s fitness enthusiasts
Regular, traditional fitness equipment just won’t cut it anymore. All Property Management provides the details on what renters are now looking for when it comes to fitness.

The rise of mixed-use buildings
All around the world mixed-use buildings are popping-up. The Investor reports on how the new building-type is changing the property management industry.

Sarah Pallatroni

Sarah Pallatroni

As Buildium's social media marketer, Sarah is responsible for brand promotion across multiple social media platforms and keeps the team up-to-date on industry trends. With a BS in Marketing from Bentley University, she is constantly learning new ways to represent the Buildium brand via the wonders of social media. Outside of work, Sarah enjoys traveling and critiquing new restaurants.