Property maintenance services: The complete checklist and guide

Jake Belding
Jake Belding | 19 min. read

Published on May 22, 2024

Property maintenance consistently ranks among the greatest sources of anxiety for owners and continues to be one of the most sought-after services they look for when hiring a property management company.

Nearly half of the owners we surveyed chose to hire a property manager primarily to handle emergency repairs and preventive property maintenance.

If you’re in the business, that’s probably not a surprise. A well-maintained property attracts more applicants, spends less time vacant, and ups the value of your portfolio.

On the flip side, a property that’s neglected can lead to frustrated residents, headaches for owners, and less desirable listings.

The challenge for an already busy property manager is timing: knowing when to conduct maintenance checks, which repairs to make, and how to prioritize them.

This guide will help you create a comprehensive property management maintenance checklist and share some tips and tools to help you get through that list faster and more efficiently than previously possible.

Jake Belding

Jake is a Content Marketing Specialist at Buildium, based in San Francisco, California. With a background in enterprise SaaS and startup communications, Jake writes about technology's impact on daily life.

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