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Jason Van Steenwyk
| 5 min. read
15 winter landscaping tips to keep your property looking its best
Winter is a challenging season for property managers. The ice, snow, salt, and grime can make it challenging to keep your property looking attractive, even for the most diligent property owners and community managers. But don’t give up!...
Sarah Pallatroni
| 1 min. read
This week in property management news: February 20, 2017
The rise of co-living housing; 5 things to look for when checking your foundation; how the Internet of Things is impacting property management; pets and their impact on residential real estate; and Baby Boomers worrying over their ability...
Elyse LeBlanc
| 2 min. read
Announcing new partnership with Property Manager Websites
We’re thrilled to announce that Buildium has partnered with Property Manager Websites to provide additional rental marketing and website customization options. An optimized website is one of the best tools for property managers to grow their business and...
Robin Young
| 12 min. read
Is the tiny house movement a passing trend… or a glimpse into the future?
As a society, we’ve long equated home size with success—the bigger, the better. Most notorious were the McMansions built in the years leading up to the housing crisis. But for the first time since the recession, home sizes...
Amanda Maher
| 4 min. read
Seattle caps move-in fees in response to affordable housing crisis
Seattle’s rental housing is simply too expensive, according to a recent survey of 300 residents. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 meaning “not affordable at all” and 5 meaning “easily affordable,” the majority of residents...
Amanda Maher
| 10 min. read
Turnkey rental properties: A wise investment or a cleverly marketed gimmick?
As the housing market recovers and real estate values increase, many people are finding themselves priced out of their local markets. Some investors don’t want to give up on real estate altogether, so they’re turning to an alternative...
Lauren Mason
| 5 min. read
Paying it forward to next-gen leaders: Buildium awards $5K to deserving scholarship winners
At Buildium, we’re not just dedicated to living out our values and passions—we take great pride in helping others to live out their values and passions. This is why we started a scholarship program that gives $10,000 annually...
Jason Van Steenwyk
| 8 min. read
Landlord insurance 101: What it is & why you need it
Why Homeowners Insurance Isn’t Enough for Landlords Most homeowners understand that they need a homeowners insurance policy to protect what is often their most important personal asset. But if you own investment properties, a standard homeowners insurance policy...

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