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Emily Long
| 5 min. read
7 steps to making your property more senior-friendly
Baby Boomers are among the fastest-growing demographics of renters. While the oldest Boomers are in their early seventies, many residents of this generation plan on aging in place—so it’s important to ensure that your properties can accommodate renters...
Amanda Maher
| 7 min. read
10 qualities to look for when hiring your next property manager
Some people are hesitant to hire a property manager. Could someone possibly care for your property as well as you? Even established property management companies might be hesitant about hiring someone new for their team. After all, a...
Robin Young
| 8 min. read
How Buildium enables one property manager to travel the world
Ever wondered how to travel as a property manager? In this interview, one Buildium customer reveals his secrets for traveling the world with his family for seven months out of the year, all while running a thriving property...
Samantha Clark
| 6 min. read
How to renew leases in the New Year—without losing your best tenants
Every property manager knows what it’s like to lose a great tenant once their lease is up. Finding someone new that fits your requirements costs money and takes up valuable time. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could...
Jillian Rodriguez
| 5 min. read
The worst advice we’ve heard about diversifying your portfolio—and how to grow instead
It’s a new year, and you’re ready to take your business in new directions. But what kind of growth is right for your property management company? The demand for rentals has caused a boom in the property management...
Sarah Pallatroni
| 1 min. read
This week in property management news: January 29, 2018
Student loans preventing Millennials from purchasing homes; property management firm battles with tenant over responsibility of roof repair; 10 rental property red flags; and how to incorporate Instastories into your social media strategy. Student Loans Preventing Homeownership No,...
Amanda Maher
| 8 min. read
4 ways to use data and algorithms to inform your real estate investment decisions
If you were to rely solely on what you hear in the media, you might think that now is a great time to invest in real estate. The economy is strong, rentership continues to grow, and interest rates...
Megan Wild
| 5 min. read
Are mixed-use developments still a smart investment in 2018?
Mixed-use developments may have lost their luster in the eyes of some observers due to the retail meltdown of 2017. Last year, many retail locations closed down, and several retail companies went bankrupt due to Americans’ ongoing migration...

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