What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your account by verifying your identity during  sign-in. By entering the authentication code sent to your preferred device, we can make sure it’s really you trying to access your accountnot a bad actor. Think of your password as the key to your front door and your authentication code as the deadbolt.

Tip: Your password will always be your first line of defense, so you should continue to create a unique, strong password every few months.

Why is it required?

Here at Buildium, we’re committed to keeping the information you store in our platform as safe and secure as possible. In an effort to deliver on that promise, we’ve made two-factor authentication required for most users (vendors and rental owners are excluded).

For many of our customers, Buildium acts like a bank account; residents may pay their rent electronically or you might make EFT transaction for owner draws and vendor payments. Even if you don’t have electronic payments set up, you’re entering sensitive information about the bank accounts used to run your business and personal information about residents and cosigners.

As the international conversation around data privacy and security reaches the forefront of the software world, we want to do everything we can to help ensure all your data in Buildium is kept under lock and key.


How does it work?

We offer two different ways to verify your identity. During sign-in, you can either 1) get codes sent to your phone via text or call or 2) check your an authentication app on your favorite device. Simply enter the code and you’re on your way!


Text message or phone call

As soon as you sign in, Buildium will send you a code via text message or a phone call (your choice). Enter the code in the provided field to verify your identity and access your Buildium account.

Note: Text message performance may vary by cellular provider or region.


Authentication app

Authentication apps are great alternative to text message or phone call verification for a few reasons:

  • Once set up, codes are continuously generated in your authentication app. This means you won’t need to rely on a cellular or data connection on your device in order to verify your identity.
  • Authentication apps are considered more secure than text message or phone call delivery.

Tip: You can even use your tablet!


Primary authentication methods

You’ll be prompted to set a primary authentication method during sign-in; that way, we can keep track of your preferred method and automatically select it for you!

The primary method you choose is up to you, but it should be something you always have easy access to. Since this is an extra “key” to your account, we don’t  recommend using any shared devices or phone numbers.

Tip: We also offer the ability to remember your device to keep things hassle-free.

Backup methods

We understand that things happen: phones die, cell service can be spotty, and sometimes you’re taking a well-deserved vacation in another country. That’s why we give you the option to set up backup method.

If your primary authentication method is a phone, you have the option of using a different phone number or an authentication app as your backup. If you picked an authentication app as your primary method, you’ll only have the option of using your phone as a backup.

Tip: If you travel internationally or sometimes have issues receiving text messages or phone calls, we recommend using an authentication app (like Authy or Google Authenticator). They’re a great choice because they don’t require cellular or data connection.


How do I set it up?

How to set up two-factor authentication

  1. Navigate to the “My settings” page.
  2. Under the “Security” section, find “Two-factor Authentication.”
  3. Click Set up two-factor authentication.
  4. You’ll be asked to choose a primary method for authentication (this is how we’ll verify your identity during sign-in).

Phone number

  1. If you choose to use a phone, you’ll be asked to enter your number. You should pick a phone that you always have easy access to since you’ll need it to sign in.  
  2. After you enter your phone number, choose how you’d like to get your codes: text message or phone call.
  3. We’ll send you a code via your preferred delivery method.
  4. Enter the code and click Submit. Now, we’ve confirmed your identity and device!

Authentication app method

  1. If you choose an authentication app, you’ll be asked to follow a series of instructions on the screen. This setup only needs to be done once.
  2. Download an authentication app, like Google Authenticator or Duo, to your favorite device. Please choose a device that will always be nearby during sign-in and isn’t shared with other people.
  3. In your chosen authentication app, add a new entry (this is often a “+” icon. This will open your device’s camera.
  4. Scan the QR code from the screen in Buildium. This will quickly add an entry to the authentication app for your account.
  5. You’ll notice that the entry in your authentication app has generate a code. Enter these numbers in the final step in Buildium and click Submit.  Now, we’ve confirmed your identity and device!
  6. Note: If you log into multiple companies through Buildium, your authentication app will have an entry for each. Many apps allow you to customize the “name” of each entry to make it easier to remember which account it pairs with.

After you set up a primary authentication method, you have the option to also add a backup. Although it’s optional, we strongly recommend that you set one up. They’re very helpful in the event you lose access to your primary method because of travel, accidents, or any other unforeseen circumstance.


Signing in with 2FA

Once two-factor authentication is set up, the next time you sign into Buildium you’ll be asked to enter a code using your primary method. Simply enter your code and you’re on your way!

Tip: Save time by clicking the “Remember this device for 30 days” checkmark! As long as you continue to use the same browser and device, you’ll skip any additional validation.



Why didn’t I receive my authentication code?

  • Before choosing get codes via text message, double-check that your device and service plan support SMS delivery. Delivery speed may vary by location and service provider, so please try make sure there’s a strong signal nearby.
  • You can also switch between getting codes by text message or phone call. Sometimes, one method of delivery is more reliable than the other.
  • Try using your backup method instead!


What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?

1. Update your password

  • If your phone was lost or stolen, we strongly recommend that you first secure your account by updating your password.

2. Contact Support

  • In order to override the two-factor authentication setting on your account and have it reset, you will need to contact support. Once it’s reset, you’ll be able to set up two-factor authentication again.


What happens if I’m traveling abroad or can’t get any cellular connection?

  • We recommend setting an authentication app as either your primary or backup methodthat way, you can access your account regardless of WiFi reception or location.