Course description

This course is designed for managers and leasing agents of rental properties who are interested in electronic leasing. Learn how to get started with Buildium’s eLease, set up lease templates and leasing agents, and create and send electronic leases to tenants and staff members for signature.

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Upon completion of this course, you’ll have learned how to:

  • Sign up for eLease
  • Create lease templates
  • Assign a leasing agent role to staff members
  • Create electronic leases, complete with addenda
  • Send electronic leases for signature
  • Create a lease in Buildium after the electronic lease has been signed
Course Outline Lesson duration
Chapter 1: Getting Started with eLease 4 min
Chapter 2: How to Set Up eLease 5 min
Chapter 3: eLeasing in Action 15 min
Total course time: 24 min
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