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Showings Coordinator

Course description

This course is designed for managers of rental properties who want to learn more about streamlining their lead-to-lease process with Showings Coordinator, powered by Tenant Turner. Learn how to sign up for Showings Coordinator, adjust settings, and automate scheduling and viewings based on your calendar.

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Upon completion of this course, you’ll have learned how to:

  • Sign up for Showings Coordinator
  • Adjust settings for scheduling viewings
  • List a vacancy with Showings Coordinator
  • Automate showing scheduling
  • Manage leads and viewings
Course Outline Lesson duration
Chapter 1: About Showings Coordinator 14 min
Chapter 2: Rental settings 11 min
Chapter 3: Managing leads and viewings 10 min
Chapter 4: Updating company and user information 5 min
Chapter 5: Tips & tricks 5 min
Total course time: 45 min
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