What’s in your proptech stack? Westward360

Tony Maiella
Tony Maiella | 10 min. read
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Property management is an industry that thrives on word of mouth. So shouldn’t property managers be able to reap the same rewards?

Our new Tech Stack Guide Series features property managers from across the nation, business leaders that have found their tech stack groove and are eager to share their tech-related tips and tricks. In this episode, we’ll hear from Brawley Reishman, Chief Technology Officer of Westward360—a community association management business powering over 20,000 units. Learn more about:

Westward360’s tech of choice
An inside look at the tech Westward 360 uses for all their business operations–and why

Real-life experiences to help you determine which options are compatible with your current tech stack

Business Growth
See first-hand how to use technology and innovation to drive business growth

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