Growth Plan

The Growth plan is built with the tools you need as your business grows and you’ll get access to the latest functionality being released by Buildium. Check out the new features you’ll have access to in your Growth plan below.

Growth gives you more!

You’ll gain access to the newest features in development

  • Buildium Marketplace will provide you with pre-built integrations with some of your favorite tools
  • New and improved online leasing tool powered by HelloSign that allows you to easily use PDF templates for all of your leases. With the Growth plan, you’ll get Unlimited eSignatures at no additional cost.
  • Get more applicants in the door with the new Applicant Center,  where prospective residents can fill out your online application, save their progress and sign their lease—all in one central location. 
  • Help prospective residents through the application process with new email and text communications for applicants, sent right from your Buildium account.
  • Quickly identify actions that need attention and track recent activities completed by staff in your Buildium account with the new Activity Feed, available on both desktop and the mobile app.
  • Automatically upload and process invoices with Invoice Processing, powered by Ops Technology
  • A new look with easier navigation and more space on screen to get things done faster

New: Performance Analytics & Insights

Understanding the in’s and out’s of your business’ data can be a difficult or overwhelming task. That’s why we’ve created Buildium’s Analytics and Insights – to make it easy for you to get a crystal clear understanding of your business with real-time, easy-to-consume analytics.

Performance Analytics & Insights help you understand how Buildium tools like ePay and the Resident Center are being used and the impact they are having on your business.

Performance Analytics & Insights include:

  • Resident Center Usage – Track sign-in rates, engagement with announcements and more so that you can understand and measure the impact that taking your residents online has on your bottom line. 
  • ePay Adoption –  Get a breakdown of how your business is handling payments, including an in-depth look into online payments and delinquency rates, so you can implement a foolproof payment policy based on real data.
  • Maintenance Analytics – Coordinate and prioritize maintenance work, track and analyze staff and vendor performance and use that data to set goals and SLAs that will help make your business as efficient as possible.
  • Expense Analytics – View total operating and non-operating expenses across your business and cost tracking by property that allows you to understand levels of available funds and the reasoning behind any low disbursements. Detect anomalies within utility expenses with year over year comparisons and estimate recurring property costs associated with utilities.
  • Task Analytics – Get real time views of open tasks by category, priority, assignee and task type to help coordinators and managers better understand open items and distribute work more effectively.

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New: Application Grouping

Application grouping allows you to organize multiple applicants for the same unit into one easy to manage group, simplifying the application and approval process by eliminating the need to manually sort and identify which applicants are applying together. With Application grouping, you can:

  1. Create, edit and delete applicant groups, and add applicants to an existing group
  2. Allow applicants applying together to create their own group when filling out their online application
  3. View all applicants with in a group in one place
  4. Set a status for a group, rather than individual applicants, and track the completion rate for the group

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Everything else in your new Growth plan

Marketing & Leasing: Manage the entire leasing process online and collect applicant signatures from any device

  • Hosted Property Management Website 
  • Rental Listing Syndication
  • Rental Application Management with Applicant Grouping
  • Unlimited Digital Leases (eSignature): Take the paperwork out of leasing with Buildium’s new and improved leasing tool: eSignature, powered by HelloSign (formerly eLease)
  • All Property Management: Grow your business by connecting with qualified property owners and association board members seeking property management services in minutes (available for purchase)

Accounting: Track budgets, rent collection, vendor payments and more with fully automated property-level bookkeeping

  • Automated Invoice Processing: (available for purchase)
  • Online Payments (ePay)
    • Incoming EFT: $0.60 per transaction
    • Outgoing EFT: $0.50 per transaction
    • Credit Cards: 2.99% per transaction
    • Bank Account Setup: First 5 bank accounts included, $99 per additional bank account
  • Retail Cash Payments, powered by ParNearMe
  • Automated Invoice Processing (available for purchase)
  • Fully Integrated 1099 eFiling

Web & Mobile Apps for you and your owners, residents and board members

Maintenance: Track and manage maintenance tasks, schedule recurring items, track vendor efficiency, and pay vendors

Violation Tracking and Communication

Standard Reporting: Including balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, budget vs. actuals, general ledgers, rental owner ending balances, and rental owner statements.

Application Grouping

Performance Analytics & Insights

Property Inspections

Showings Coordinator (available for purchase)

Tenant Screening (available for purchase)

  • Basic Tenant Screening
  • Applicant-Paid Tenant Screening
  • Premium Tenant Screening

Award Winning Customer Support

  • Email Support
  • Live Phone Support
  • Priority Phone Support (available for purchase)
  • Buildium Academy & Help Center

Frequently Asked Questions

When is my plan changing?

Your subscription plan will be updated at your next renewal date on or after November 1, 2021. Customers on a month-to-month plan will see the update on November 1, 2021, with the updated price reflected on their November invoice. Customers on an annual plan will see the update at their next renewal date, with the updated price reflected on the invoice for that month.

Not sure when your next renewal date is? In the Manager app, select Settings > Account and Billing > Manage Subscription.


What’s the difference between the Pro plan and the Growth plan?

The Growth plan includes some additional items meant to help support you and your business as it grows, including:

  • Performance Analytics – Provides you with a visualization of key data and trends, including past and current resident activity, payments data, tasks, leasing performance and company revenue – accompanied by clear, actionable insights to help you make better business decisions and strategically chart your course for growth
  • Unlimited eSignatures (formerly eLease) – Today, online leasing is crucial to growing and managing your business, so we’ve included unlimited leases in your new plan, and we’re implementing a new and improved solution powered by HelloSign
  • Application Grouping – Group applicants applying to a unit together for easier management
  • Priority Phone Support – Cut the line and get quicker answers to your questions with our Priority Support Customer Care team (available for purchase)


Where can I find my updated price?

Your updated price has been included in the email notification about the upcoming changes to your plan. Once the change has been made, you can find your updated price in the Manager app under Settings > Account and Billing > Manage Subscription.

Can’t find the email notification? You can reach us at 1-888-414-1988 or and we can provide you with your updated price.


What other new plans are available?

You can now also upgrade to the Premium plan, giving you access to additional Analytics and Insights, and our open API platform to help take your business to the next level. View all available new plans here.

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