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Online Resident Portals Increases Renter Loyalty and Satisfaction

Boston, MA, December, 1, 2005 – Buildium, LLC provides online property management software for landlords, professional property managers and self-managed condos and homeowner associations (HOAs). With Buildium’s comprehensive property management solutions, landlords, rental property, condo and homeowner association (HOA) managers can differentiate themselves by offering their residents online access to convenient services 24 hours a day:

  • Review account and escrow balances online
  • Make one time payments or setup recurring ones
  • Review charges and payment history
  • Submit and track maintenance requests
  • Download bylaws, leases agreements, and other important documents
  • Find out about scheduled maintenance, management hours and other important notices
  • Access phone listings for emergency repairs, utility service, and other important numbers

According to Michael Monteiro, VP of Customer Relations for Buildium, LLC, “Giving residents online access through Buildium’s property management software helps keep them happy, which in turn leads to longer tenancies, less frequent turnover and more referrals. That”, says Monteiro, “results in a tangible, economic benefit for landlords and property managers because high turnover is expensive, resulting in increased advertising costs and lost rental income.”

Additionally, Buildium’s resident portals help landlords and professional property managers standout from the competition in a crowded market. “Property management is a competitive business built on service” notes Monteiro. “By giving residents online access to their accounts and other vital information, landlords and professional property managers are able to offer superior customer service at an attractive price point.”

Buildium’s resident portals offer a number of additional benefits to the landlord and professional property manager, aside from increased resident satisfaction and differentiation in the market:

  • Reduced administrative costs. Landlords and property managers save time with electronic payments made via Buildium’s resident portals. When residents pay online, Buildium automatically records the payment, updates the appropriate resident ledger and deposits the money into the appropriate account, safely and securely.
  • Improved cash flow. Giving residents a way to pay rent and fees online not only helps improve resident satisfaction, but also helps improve cash flow. With a Buildium merchant account, landlords and property managers can process electronic payments in a fraction of the time it takes to process paper checks.
  • Improved communication. Resident portals give landlords, property managers and residents another way of communicating with each other via online announcements, discussions and more.
  • Reduced call volume. By making information available to their residents online, landlords and property managers can dramatically decrease call volume and help their residents become more self-sufficient.

About Buildium
Buildium, LLC provides simple and affordable cloud property management software solutions to landlords, property managers, condominiums, and homeowner associations. Founded in 2004, today Buildium’s property management software is used to manage thousands of units around the world.