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Oh, Craig, what have you done?

In the first week of November, Craigslist suddenly and radically changed their posting policy throughout North America. Many of the most commonly-used HTML tags — most significantly those that allow links, tables, and images — are now disallowed.

What that means is Buildium’s “Export to Craigslist” feature is now badly broken. In some geographies, the feature doesn’t work at all. In other places, you can make it through the export process, but the result is an ugly listing with no photos. Not very nice.

If it’s any consolation, you have plenty of company. Every one of your competitors, whether they are using Buildium or any other software to create Craigslist listings, is in the same boat. The good news for you is that Buildium has your back.

We are actively working to figure out how best to re-design our “Export to Craigslist” feature to work within the new constraints that Craig and his list have imposed on us. We can tell you that we are definitely not going to be able to make the feature work exactly like it used to, and your listings will definitely look different, but we are committed to making it as easy as possible for you to get your listing data and photos from Buildium into Craigslist.

So, please sit tight and bear with us. We should have a fix in place within the next couple of weeks.