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More Improvements to the New Buildium

We have been working very hard to fix bugs and refine features in the new version of Buildium and we’re happy to announce that we released a new set of updates over the weekend. Here are some highlights:

Additional background choices

We can’t think of many features that have garnered as much feedback — both positive and negative — as our new application backgrounds. Due to popular demand, we have added even more background choices, including a set of flat color backgrounds like flat grey and flat blue. We’re confident that there’s a background choice to satisfy every taste, so go to the “My settings” page and pick your favorite. We’ll soon be adding the ability to set a company-wide default background as well.

Performance upgrades

The new Buildium is getting faster as we analyze usage patterns and adjust our code accordingly. We want the new Buildium to feel even faster than the old one, so we will continue to focus on performance over the coming weeks.

A new way to measure customer satisfaction

In addition to our periodic “Voice of the Customer” surveys, we’ve added another quick way to help us gauge your satisfaction with Buildium. About once per quarter we’ll present you with a single question when you first sign in to Buildium. It will only take you a few seconds to answer, but your responses are extremely valuable to us.

Improved sorting on the tasks lists

One thing that was missing from the new Buildium was the ability to sort your tasks by property or unit. We’re happy to say that we’ve added this sort back to the task list and made a few other sorting improvements.

Printing tasks when using Firefox browser

Customers using the Firefox browser reported problems printing tasks. We’ve implemented a fix for this, so please let us know if it’s still not working for you.

Lots of bug fixes

This release also includes a ton of bug fixes, some obvious and many that you probably never even noticed. Thank you to everyone who has reported bugs and please keep the feedback coming.