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Latest updates to the new Buildium

We released some new features, squashed a bunch of bugs, and made some more performance improvements on November 18, 2011. Here are two new features worth talking about.

Remove unpaid late fees

We know removing late fees was a royal pain in the tukas in the new Buildium. Well now it’s pure bliss. Just click the new Remove late fees button on a lease or ownership account ledger to delete or waive late fees.

Remove unpaid late fees

Jump straight to the ledger from global search

Getting to someone’s ledger to review their account history or receive a payment just go a whole lot easier. Now when searching for a tenant or association owner, you can jump straight to their lease ledger or ownership account ledger from the global search results. Just type the name of the person you’re looking for, click Lease ledger or Ownership account ledger, and go.

Lease and ownership account