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Introducing a better rental application process

We’re happy to announce our new and improved rental application process, with 53% more usability (estimated). Let us explain how we got here.

We might work on the fifth floor of an office building, but we’re not in an ivory tower. We enjoy hearing from our customers about what they like — and don’t like — about Buildium. We work for you. Every feature in Buildium is the result of us doing a lot of listening.

Once upon a time — well, more recently than that — we went to visit some customers to see how they did their work. We have a way for customers to submit product ideas within Buildium, but we wanted to see for ourselves just how customers used our application — and what made them pull out their hair. (It can be humbling sometimes.)

On those fateful days we noticed that our rental application process was, well, inadequate. So we sharpened our pencils and took copious notes. Then we went back to Buildium HQ and got to work.

Here’s what we did to make your life as a property manager a little bit easier:

  • You can now email a rental application to someone who calls you on the phone.
  • On the rental application page for an applicant, you can add notes and files (like scans of documentation).
  • You can now delete an applicant! You asked for it, and we delivered. (Note: You can’t delete an applicant once you’ve created a rental application, processed the application fee, or begun a tenant screening.)

Click to watch a 2-minute video walk-through of these new rental application features:

We hope you enjoy these new features. Whether through on-site meetings (Bring Buildium To Work), phone interviews, or online idea collection, we’re listening to you in all sorts of ways. And we’re doing whatever it takes to make your life as a small business owner — a property management business owner — easier and more enjoyable.

Not a customer yet? Why not take a free 15-day trial and see the new features for yourself?