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Get the Most Out of Buildium in 2014

The New Year is coming! Now is the time to make a resolution or two. Us? Our resolution is to help you get the most out of Buildium in 2014 and work as efficiently as possible. To do that, we’ll be passing along ideas and tips over the next few months.

Collect and send money online with ePay

ePay allows you to collect and send money electronically. Your ledger, report, and bank accounts all update automatically.  You’ll never need to write a check or visit a bank again!

Sign up for ePay from your Banking page. The pricing is cheap: EFT/eChecks start at 50 cents each. Credit card transactions are 2.75% per transaction.

Learn more here!

Use EZMail and we’ll print and mail your stuff

EZMail eliminates the drudgery of manually printing and mailing critical documents. Save time by letting us mail statements, letters, and notices for you from our state-of-the-art printing facility. With our EZMail service, you can print and mail statements and form letters directly from Buildium without licking a stamp.

EZMail is ready and waiting for you to use right now on your Mailings page! There’s no setup required. Pricing starts at 80 cents.

Learn more here!

Find good tenants with Tenant Screening

Buildium and TransUnion SmartMove™ have partnered to make running a credit and background check as easy as a click of the mouse on your Rental Applications screen. Each credit and background check includes:

  • TransUnion’s exclusive rental recommendation.
  • A full credit report with credit score. This report includes Income and Assets, Past Due Amounts, Credit Score (including the factors affecting the score), Summary of Accounts, and a breakdown of Accounts (30-day late payments, 60-day late payments, 90-day late payments, and payment history).
  • A complete background check and identity verification. This report checks the FBI’s Most Wanted List, National Sex Offender Registry, Terrorist Watch List, and criminal records by state.
  • Automatic linking to the complete rental application.

Tenant screening is ready to serve on your Rental applications page. At $11.99 per applicant, it’s a great bargain!

Learn more here!

Send checks from anywhere with Remote Check Printing

Today’s forecast calls for a wintry mix of snow and sleet, a list of vendors to pay, and a printer that’s just run out of toner!

Stay safe and off the roads. Use Buildium’s remote check printing instead of driving to the nearest office supply store.

Remote check printing is a service that lets Buildium print and mail checks for you. You’ll never need to deal with check stock, printer toner, stamps, or paper cuts again!

Send in the setup form and be ready to go tomorrow! Priced right at $30 to setup and 80 cents a check, this is a great deal.

Learn more here!

e-File 1099s with Buildium

Buildium can e-File your 1099s with the IRS and mail the forms to your rental owners and vendors. Pricing is set at the low, low price of $25 per batch and $2 to $3 per recipient.

1099s deserve an post of their own, so we’ll cover this in-depth over the coming months. If you want to get a jump start, get taxpayer IDs for your rental owners and vendors and start reconciling those bank accounts!  If you need Buildium’s W-9, here you go.