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Buildium Updates for June 21: Tweaks, Convenience Fees, and More

Here at Buildium, we never sleep. We’re like the elves in the story The Elves and The Shoemaker. Except that we’re not actually elves and we don’t make shoes. Okay, terrible comparison. But we are always working to make things easier for you and give you new toys to play with. To wit …

Tweaks to the resident site home page

Payment and account sidebars on the resident home page To make it easier for residents to see what they owe and make payments, we’ve tweaked the home page of the resident site by showing them their account balance and telling them where to send payments.

Easier for residents to make payments

We’ve also made it easier for your residents to pay rent and other fees online. Now when the go to make a payment, we show them what they owe, present them with a couple of different payment options, and then give them a chance to review and correct any mistakes before sending it off.

Ability to charge convenience fees

Another eagerly anticipated feature is the ability to charge a convenience fees for EFT payments. The convenience fee defaults to zero, but you can set it to whatever you want.

Easier for residents to see their scheduled payments

Finally, we’ve made it easier for residents to review their scheduled payments by adding a link to the top of the Payments page.

New scheduled payments link

Like we said … we never sleep.