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Buildium Update for June 6

One might call today’s update “check yourself.” You’ll just have to read on to see why …

New check box for rental owners and vendors

Have a look at the images below. See that stylin’ new check box? That’s our latest update, and it’s going to help keep things a lot more organized for rental owners and vendors. And Buildium too.

This new check box will allow Buildium to sort rental owners and vendors by name or by company. Here’s the skinny:

  • If you check the box, Buildium requires that you fill in the company field, but first name and last name are optional.

  • If you leave the box unchecked, then first name and last name are required and company is optional.

When you view lists, create reports, write checks, etc., Buildium will use the appropriate name based on the check box.

One caveat to this exciting new update: We’ve gone through all existing rental owners and vendors, and taken our best guess at whether they’re companies. We’re pretty sure we got them right, but for a few we just couldn’t tell. In these cases, we left them alone, so you can edit the rental owner or vendor and check the box yourself.

Some of you have requested that we add a similar check box for tenants and association owners. Don’t worry – it’s on our list!