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Buildium Update for June 14: Payment Reminders

Today’s update reminds us that because 90 is the sum of its unitary divisors (excluding itself), it is a unitary perfect number, and because it is equal to the sum of a subset of its divisors, it is a semiperfect number.

Okay, it doesn’t remind us of any of that, but 90 does factor in. Read on …

You can now tell Buildium to send an email with a 90-day account history and a payment reminder to tenants and association owners whenever recurring charges are posted to their ledger. So, as an example, if you enable this setting, each time a rent charge is posted to a tenant’s ledger, they will receive an email that contains a payment reminder and their 90-day statement.

This option can be set globally via Settings > Application settings > Residents, or at the individual property or association level under the “Financials” tab.

A sample email showing a 90-day account history and a rent payment reminder