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Buildium Publishes Report on Evaluating Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Vendors

Companies enjoy a number of benefits using software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, but they should select their SaaS vendors carefully in order to avoid lost data, unreliable performance, poor support, and other disasters.

A report from Buildium, a provider of property management software, titled, Avoiding a SaaS Disaster: Questions to ask when evaluating SaaS vendors, guides companies on how to select a SaaS vendor that they can trust to provide vital services to their business.

“Customers often ask us how they should go about evaluating cloud-based services like ours,” says Buildium Co-Founder Michael Monteiro. “This report suggests a number of important questions to ask and will ultimately help customers find the cloud service that’s right for them.”

Along with the potential advantages of lower costs, more rapid deployment, and greater flexibility, companies should understand that they are relying on the SaaS vendor to protect their data, keep the solution up and running, provide on-going support, and add new features over the life of the subscription.

The report, prepared for Buildium by SaaS Marketing Strategy Advisors, recommends that companies considering SaaS solutions carefully assess the SaaS vendor’s practices, policies and track record on security, data back-up, performance and up-time, support, and upgrades. Companies should also consider the vendor’s reputation, experience and stability.

The complimentary report is available on Buildium’s company blog.

For more information on Buildium’s online property management software visit buildium.com, contact Geoff Roberts at 1-888-414-1933 extension 501, or email press(at)buildium(dot)com.

About Buildium
Buildium, LLC provides simple and affordable cloud property management software solutions to landlords, property managers, condominiums, and homeowner associations. Founded in 2004, today more than 3,800 customers use Buildium’s online property management software to manage nearly half a million units in 31 countries around the world.

About SaaS Marketing Strategy Advisors
SaaS Marketing Strategy Advisors is an advisory services firm that helps software-as-a-service companies acquire and retain customers.