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Announcing Buildium's Zillow Syndication Agreement

What’s that you say? You wish you could post all your available rentals someplace where they can be viewed by millions of people looking to move into a place just like yours?

Here at Buildium we make sure to keep our ears open, and we heard your request loud and clear. And in reply, we’re proud to announce an agreement between Buildium and Zillow®, an agreement that will allow our users to post and update their listings seamlessly. You may now play appropriately triumphant music. May we recommend Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”?

Syndication to Zillow will be enabled for all new customers by default, so any new rental you list will automatically show up on the Zillow rentals site. (Existing customers need to enable Zillow syndication.) Any new photos or changes in the description made within Buildium will also automatically update on Zillow. As an added bonus, without any extra muss, fuss, or bother, the listings will also appear on the Yahoo!® network. (See the screen shot below.)

Listing syndication settings

One thing to keep in mind is that listings you add will get syndicated to Zillow approximately once a day, so you will likely not see your listings on Zillow until the next day. But don’t worry, they will be there.

Oh, and on the outside chance you’re altogether unfamiliar with Zillow, they are the most reputable rental listing site in the world, allowing you to bring your properties closer to an increasingly expansive audience and thus have shorter vacancy periods. When we partner, we partner with the best.


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