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Announcing Buildium's Trulia and HotPads Syndication Agreements

We know what you’re thinking — that Zillow syndication feature we released last week was pretty spiffy, wasn’t it? You sang our praises, and we danced a celebratory jig throughout Buildium’s offices. But we’re no one-hit-wonder. While you were still marveling over Zillow, we were already cooking up a plan to get those rental listings of yours in front of even more eyeballs.

We’re proud to announce agreements between Buildium and both Trulia® and  HotPads® — agreements that will allow our users to post and update their listings seamlessly. Zillow was a great start, and with Trulia and Hotpads added to the mix, filling those vacancies just became that much easier.

Syndication to Trulia and  HotPads will be enabled for all new customers by default, so any new rental you list will automatically show up on Trulia.com and HotPads.com. (Existing customers need to enable syndication with these services.)

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One thing to keep in mind is that listings you add will get syndicated to these services approximately once a day, so you will likely not see your listings live on Trulia or HotPads until the next day. But don’t worry, they will be there.


Trulia is a registered trademark of Trulia.com. HotPads is a registered trademark of HotPads.com.