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A spring cleaning for reports

In the spirit of spring, we thought we’d dust-off our reports. That’s why you’ll find a fresh new format for all Buildium reports.

We’ve standardized headers and footers, increased the font size, added a bit of shading here and there, and generally spruced things up. Hopefully you’ll find our new reports to be more readable and more pleasant to look at.

In addition to updating the format, we’ve made some frequently requested enhancements:

  • We’ve added two summary tables to the Rent Rollreport, one by bed/bath and one by property thataggregate occupancy and rent information.
  • Reports that include resident names, such as the Delinquent Tenants and Delinquent HOA Owners reports, now give you the option of including the residents’ account numbers, names, or both.
  • The Unpaid Bills by Property report now gives you the option to display ending cash balances for each property.
  • Many reports have new summary tables to replace the old “Grand Total” lines, giving you a quick way to see totals for the entire report.

We’re confident that you’re going to like the changes we’ve made, but since this is a significant change, we’re providingaccess to the old “legacy” report format for a limited time.

We’re planning to leave the legacy formats in place for at least a month, but how soon we remove the legacy report format after that will depend on the feedback we get. So if you have an issue with a particular report, let us know.

Of course, we’d also be happy to hear from you if you like what we’ve done. Try running some reports and let us know what you think.