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A Few Enhancements You May Have Missed

At Buildium, we typically make a point of announcing major product updates and enhancements. However, we’re constantly making lots of little improvements, so we thought we’d point out a few recent ones that you may have missed.

Reverse sort the bank register

Do you prefer to see your most recent transactions at the top of your bank account register? Well, now you can. Simply click on the “Date” heading to reverse the sort.

Daily late fees based on a percentage of recurring charges

You now have the same options for daily late fees as you have for monthly late fees, including the ability to charge a daily late fee based on a percentage of recurring charges — like rent, for example.

Negative amounts allowed in check import

Buildium allows for negative line items on checks, as long as the total of the check is positive. However, our check import rejected checks with negative line items … until now. We’ve fixed the import so it follows the same rules as a manually recorded check.