Property Inspection App

Property inspection software to collect and sync data easily.

Watch Feature Overview

Property inspection software, powered by HappyCo, is integrated with Buildium so you can perform inspections on the go and sync all your data in one simple step.

Click one button, update both apps

Once you download the Inspections by HappyCo mobile app, you can easily sync your unit data from within Buildium every time you file an inspection report.

Customize inspection reports

Choose from a number of inspection templates, or easily define your own for consistency in the field. You’ll always get the data you need, no matter who’s filing the reports.

File reports with (or without) service

Inspect properties with your phone or tablet no matter where you are—even if you’re offline. Inspection data will save and sync as soon as you’re back online.

Unlimited users on both iPhone or Android

Inspections by HappyCo is a property inspection app available for both iOS and Android, so staff can perform apartment and home inspections from any mobile device. Plus, you can grant access to any number of app users.