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Forth Group fosters community and greater value in their properties with Buildium

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Forth Group

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Forth Group chose Buildium to move away from the old way of doing things, to add value to their business beyond simple efficiency.

With intuitive resident communication tools they were able to give the associations they served new channels for building community, ultimately making the properties in their portfolio more valuable for everyone involved.


  • Improved property values from dynamic resident communication service
  • Saved staff time from consolidated, integrated systems across the business
  • Happier residents and boards that can easily access information they need, at any time


To introduce a smarter way to handle operations, Forth Group took the leap and moved away from their run-of-the-mill, network-based financial software. They wanted tools that could go beyond just accounting and payments, to actually improve the value of their properties.

They found the right solution for the job in Buildium.


Forth Group’s leadership worked with Buildium’s onboarding team to integrate their financial and management processes into the new platform.

They placed an emphasis on having everything in one place, making sure that information around vendors, customers, properties and staffing needs could all be accessed easily by the relevant users.

The team extended that unified approach to resident management, setting up the Resident Center along with specific features to meet the needs of individual associations.

With Buildium, it’s simply integrated. Having that all together is key.
Jonathan Bierman

Forth Group


The team at Forth Group can now rely on systems that are intuitively integrated with each other, from payments, to maintenance, to resident management. Buildium makes it easy for vendors, residents, and owners to access the information they care about easily, without the clutter of irrelevant details or overly-complex interfaces.

The most far-reaching benefit just might be improved resident communication channels. Both boards and residents can put in requests, send and receive updates, and access important property details easily. Texts, emails, and mobile app updates can also be sent out whenever needed. Some associations have even introduced discussion boards where residents can schedule events, post items they’re looking to buy or sell, and connect with each other.

This has all led to improved properties and happier, more engaged associations, adding value for homeowners, and helping Forth Group stand out as a leader in the market.

We’re not worried about whether a payment system is integrating with our management software. All those things are all working together.
Scott Seger

Forth Group

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