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On the Mark Management finds the means to expand with Buildium

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On the Mark Management

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2,800 Doors

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Associations Multifamily Single-family

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For family-run business On the Mark Management, expanding their portfolio could easily have led to getting overwhelmed and inefficient. After a few years with Buildium, however, they’ve reached new heights of success, with more control than ever.

With powerful features like ePay and Premium Tenant Screening, the Liberman family manages more units without more stress.


  • Expansion to 18 properties and 2,800+ units in the first few years of using Buildium
  • 2x faster operations in the receivables department
  • 350+ new renters using ePay


When Mark Liberman, founder of On the Mark Management, had the chance to take on a new 212-unit property, he knew he had to step up his technology game.

Any serious growth would require software that could do the heavy lifting, opening the door to new opportunities while saving the family-owned business much-needed time in the process.

Mark enlisted the help of his son, Jaspur, and a plan began to form.


Jaspur recommended Buildium, as a platform that could meet the business’ financial and logistical needs from monthly reporting to accounting and payment processing.

On the Mark went to work streamlining their entire approach to management, testing features like ePay, Tenant Screening, and Maintenance Request Tracking.

At the core of their strategy was preserving the personalized touch that set them apart—the ability to listen and solve problems for their customers—without missing out on growth opportunities due to a lack of staff.

I don’t feel swamped. I feel like it’s still as easy as it ever was, even though we have many more customers.
Dena Lieberman

On the Mark Management


Buildium made a difference in almost every aspect of Mark’s business. The six hours a day his team used to spend opening envelopes and processing checks was cut in half using new accounting tools.

ePay’s usability and convenience has made it easy for residents to get onboard with online payments, saving the company even more time.

Tenant screening tools make it possible to process crucial information on applicants in the course of a conversation, instead of full day, so that the team never misses out on attracting their ideal residents.

Since partnering with Buildium, On the Mark has grown to more than 18 properties and 2,800 doors. Through all of it, Mark and his family haven’t felt overwhelmed. In fact, they have the time and resources they need to plan for an even more successful future.

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